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Ceremony of “Electric Program for Beijing Partnership" Launches at BIT

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    "Electric Program for Beijing Partnership" organized by the Beijing municipal commission of science and technology, whose launching ceremony of campus-line was held at the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) on September 10, 2013. It marks the first 100 electric cars will go into the university. BIT, one of the three research institutions on new energy automotive technology, will proactively bear and participate in the operation mode of electric car business . 

    Many important figures attend the launching ceremony, including Zhang Gong, vice mayor of Beijing municipal government, Zhao Yuhai and Chen Jiachang, director and deputy director at the Ministry of Science and Technology, Yan Aoshuang, director of the Beijing municipal science and technology commission, Zheng Dengwen, deputy director of the Beijing municipal education commission, Xu Heyi, chairman of Beijing Automobile Group Co Ltd, chairman of China's energy transmission group, Li Qingwen, president of China's automobile newspaper , Lin bin, deputy chief economist of Beijing Electric Power Corporation, Guo Dacheng, party secretary of BIT. Sun Fengchun presided over the start ceremony, who is vice president of BIT and the director of national engineering laboratory of electric vehicle.

    Campus-line of “Electric Program for Beijing Partnership" is successfully launched in our school. All the teachers and students will become the first beneficiary of electric car.It shows Beijing attaches great importance to new energy automobiles and the caring to vast majority of teachers from governments and all walks of life. Guo,Party Secretary of BIT on behalf of all the teachers and students staff,extend heartfelt gratitude to the Beijing municipal government, ministry of science and technology and all walks of life for giving the concern and support. Over the years, BIT aims for national strategic demand and economic and social development needs of Beijing.As a result,researches have been launched over 20 years in the field of new energy automotive technology and established many laboratory including the" National engineering laboratory of electric vehicle ", "Beijing laboratory of new energy vehicles", "Beijing engineering research center of automobile vehicle". In recent years, BIT,with related enterprises in Beijing, play significant roles in the development and technological progress of new energy vehicle industry. In the future, the school will continue to take advantage of scientific innovation, vigorously promote the progress of electric vehicle technology, regional economic development and make greater contribution for “blue sky plan of capital”and the national strategic emerging industries .

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