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    Hu Haiyun, who graduated with a master’ degree in May, 1988 and stayed working in BIT, became a university teacher in 1991 and was exceptionally promoted as a vice professor in 1993; from November, 1994 to November, 1997. she went to the University of Sheffield in UK through Sino-British Friendship Scholarship Scheme to study for Doctor’s degree; in November, 1997 she came back with her Doctor’s degree and continue to work as an educator; in 2000 she was promoted as professor; from June to September of 2005, she once went to the University of Sydney as a Senior Visiting Scholar; she was hired as the member of the National Physical Mechanical Committee for three years; from 2000 to now, She has held positions involving vice head of the School of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Science, the School of Physics and the director of Teaching and Experiment Center of the School of the Physics.

 On one day of 2007, Guo Xianghui, who had attended the Postgraduate Entrance Examination, was anxiously waiting to check his scores in front of the door of the School of Physics. The shy student, who was afraid of failing to be admitted, was losing his head when a tender voice was saying to him. “Are you waiting for your grades? Come to my office, and I will check it up for you immediately.” Guo turned his head and saw a smiling face, which dispelled his tension at once. With the help of the teacher, Guo smoothly checked his scores. When he was informed he was got enrolled by the School of the Physics, the teacher patiently introduced about the School in detail so that it may help his scientific study in the future. From then on, Guo had a tiny wish: do the scientific research with the mother-like teacher. When he entered the School, he found his plain dream realized. “it’s my honor of life to do the scientific research with her.”

    The grandmotherly teacher was no other than the professor from the School of Physics: Hu Haiyun.
Education Is My Lifetime Career

    Influenced by her parents, being a doctor was Hu Haiyun’ s dream when she was young. In her view, “healing the wound and rescuing the dying” was doctor’s bounden duty, and the patients can get hope of life even under pain and illness. Thus when she filled in college entrance examination, she chose the medical school without hesitation. However, she was accidently enrolled by the physics class in the department of basic courses of Beijing Technical Institute where she stayed working after graduation. It is more than three decades since she has worked as a college teacher at the forefront of education, and when looking back the thirty years, she has all sorts of feelings. “Although my childhood dream hasn’t been realized, but after working as an educator, I think there is common between the teacher and the doctor: a doctor can heal the wound and rescue the dying, while a teacher is somehow like the engineer of minds—they can teach the knowledge and solve the problems.”
    She still vividly remembered her first teaching experience. She was merely an assistant when the tutor asked her to have exercise class to explain several basic physical questions for the students. The questions were not hard, but Hu didn’t slack off. She constantly asked herself what if students ask her some difficult questions? Thus she prepared a lot and set the target that she must make the class lively and interesting. When the class ended, she received warm applause from the students for her brilliant lecture. The detail left a deep impression on Hu Haiyun, who realized students’ longing for knowledge as well as the sacred significance as educator.
    Hu's turning point was in November, 1994, when she got the chance through the Sino-British Friendship Scholarship Scheme to go to the University of Sheffield in UK for Doctor’s degree. Sino-British Friendship Scholarship Scheme was an overseas-study program set by the governments of UK and China and Bao Yugang Foundation, aiming at providing scholarship for the Chinese students in UK for their research in the fields of science, technology, economy and society. The scheme was started in 1987 and had helped cultivate a lot of personnel for China in the later 10 years. At that time, those who could get the scholarship were mainly excellent graduates from the national key universities and some well-known research institutes. It is worth mentioning that at that time the scholarship-receivers were nearly all male students; it’s very rare the scholarship was won by female teacher like Hu Haiyun. And it is more worth mentioning that she was the only one who got her degree in the shortest time among her peers and returned to homeland.
    She was seriously suffered from homesick during the first period in UK, and especially missed her 4-year-old daughter, who had to leave her mother who barely reaching the years of discretion. In order to save more money to pay for the international call, Hu lived a thrifty life every day so that she could get more time to interact with her husband and daughter. From that time on, she told herself that she must graduate with Doctor’s degree in the shortest time and came home as early as possible to unite with her family. This determination supported Hu who occupied herself in the laboratory studying and calculating just for the more accurate results and data. Her hard-working paid off in November, 1997 when she managed to get her Doctor’s degree, and she returned to homeland with no hesitation to unite with her family, to teach on the platform, to guide students to experience the charm and truth behind science, although at that time most of her peers chose to work abroad and even her tutor persuaded her to stay there.

    After returning from UK, Hu generously shared what she had learned to her colleagues and students. In 1999, she became the first one who used media as teaching methods, and got excellence awards owing to her high teaching quality and first award for her electronic courseware. Additionally, during her pedagogical practice, Hu constantly renewed her education ideas, summed up her experience, improved teaching methods and updated her knowledge whenever bringing new concept into application. Her efforts paid off when she did remarkable achievements in her teaching and researching: in 2007 she was chosen as one of the best ten teachers in the activity called “I Love My Teacher” of BIT; in 2008, the University Physics taught by her and her colleagues was chosen as the excellent course in Beijing; in 2009, she won the T-more Prize for Best Teacher and second award in the Teaching Achievements Prize for Higher Education; in 2011, she was chosen as advanced individual in teaching field.

 " Educating is a long and hard way, but I will devote myself to getting it.” Having been an educator for more than thirty years, she is always strict with herself, bold to create, and plows as diligently as an ox in the field of education. She loves her work as a teacher, loves the passion on the face of her students, and strives for a breakthrough in her teaching and researching area. When looking back her career as a teacher, Hu said:” I still remember how energetic and ambitious I was when I first stepped into the platform at 20s. But now I am more concentrate on being a careful and serious teacher.”

    When asked her hope towards students, Hu cleverly used the terms in physics innovatively and uniquely: “I hope students lead their life as constant as uniform motion; progress in their study like accelerated motion, and have a round romantic relationship like circular motion”
My Preparation of Class Never Ends

    Teacher Hu has taught many under-graduate programmes include: University Physics, Solid State Physics, Modern Materials Physics, and Sensor Course; her post-graduate programmes include: Metal Physics, Professional English, the Damage and Fracture Course and Basic Fracture Physics. For more than twenty years, Hu taught as conscientious as possible and spent her youth and vigor standing on the platform.

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