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BIT wins silver medal in 2016 ASIA Shell Eco-marathon

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Wang Wei
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    “2016 ASIA Shell Eco-marathon” successfully concluded on March 6 in Manila, capital of Philippines. Teams from seventeen countries and regions participated in the competition. After four days’ intensive competition, BIT Econopower Team won the silver medal in the competition of prototypical pure electric vehicle with excellent performance.   

    Eco-marathon originated from America in 1939. At that time, scientists in Shell Laboratory were interested in a challenge of using a gallon of gasoline to see whose car can run the furthest. It appeared to be "geeky" jokes, but eventually led to a full-scale car event and for the first time it came to Asia in 2010. Shell Eco-marathon is an innovation contest for college students, and free for the public. This competition is aimed at cultivating more young elite who has energy saving consciousness and innovation ability. 

    All the teams wanted to make their own personally designed and manufactured car drive on Manila's track, but they must examine more than hundreds of parts. It requires students to tackle all difficulties by themselves but still about 5% of cars are unable to drive onto the track in the end. To meet the logistics requirements, a lot of components of BIT’s pure electric cars have been dismantled in advance and transported across the ocean. These fourteen players needed to complete all work of cars’ redesign and modification within two and a half days. Suddenly, some of the gears fractured and they couldn’t find replacements. Encountering with a huge challenge, the whole team battled thirty-five hours, making full use of existing resources and using other team’s spare parts, and finally they succeeded in repairing the car. BIT’s team passed all the technical inspection before the end of the last minute. Entering a formal competition, with the car mileage increasing gradually, players felt more nervous. Finally Econopower set a record of 442Km/kwh and won the second place. 
    The experience of participating in the competition is not only a test for these players, but also an opportunity of learning from one another and getting experiences. The team has prepared for the contest for a few months, starting from three dimension design to the final assemblies. All the teammates work together. After six months’ hard working, an effective energy-saving car was finally completed and drove its way on the track.

    Energy-saving Car Club is one of the first batches of scientific and innovative associations of the School of Mechanical Engineering. It was established in 2007 and won the third place in Asia Shell Eco-marathon in 2012. After four years, BIT once again sent a team to the competition and won the second place, achieving the technological breakthrough. This time, the grade was 442Km/Kwh, 21% faster than that of 2012. It also created the best performance BIT ever had and the first silver medal in Asia level competition.  

    Energy-saving car club has gone through nearly 10 years of glory days. It creates new milestones in China energy saving competition and ASIA Shell Eco-marathon. It trains many creative talents. All Club members are from different majors and different grades. Activities are carried out in the studio of the School of Mechanical Engineering, focusing on cultivating students ' consciousness of environmental protection and energy conservation, scientific research ability and team work. In the 2016 season, Energy-saving Car Club will continue to make outstanding achievements in the field, and make more students improve themselves through this platform.

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