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Sweat, Thankful, Remarkable---Run on the Playground abroad

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Reporters: News Agency of BIT  Wei Haoruo  Zeng Jiyu  Liushi
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    The 54th sports meeting in BIT was successfully held on Liangxiang campus on April 23, 2016. International students who were active in participating in the sports meeting brought us an exotic and attractive atmosphere. Their efforts and sweat left in the stadium, which impressed us a lot, were actually paid off by the glory, happiness, friendship, solidarity, etc. Coming from other countries and taking part in such a Chinese sports meeting, these foreign athletes showed their experience on camera.



    “For the sports meeting today, I will take part in the 100 and 400-meter running as well as long jump, so there are lots of things for me to do today. This is the first time for me to have such an event, I think it’s going to be better step by step. Overall, I am excited about this sports meeting and I hope to win, that’s my main purpose.”


    “As you can see, I am now acting as a panda mascot for the spots meeting, and this is not my first time to be a mascot. I was the panda mascot back in the main campus once and that was an unforgettable experience too. Even though I am not going to play any sports today, I think organizing such a sports meeting is a very good idea.”

    “I’m not going to participate in any events today, but I will be in the audience and cheer for the athletes. I do love sports, I guess you can tell from my Real Madrid jersey. I remember last year, I was studying for my MBA program so I missed the sports meeting, that’s why I am not going to miss it this time. Look around! The atmosphere is really lively, I do enjoy it.”

Philipp(Germany)along with Thomas and Paul from France and Victor from Mexico:“这是一次崭新的体验”

(图左至右:Victor, Thomas, Philipp, Paul)

    “It’s very interesting. Back in Germany, our sports meeting is not very much like this, we are more focus on the sports events and we don’t have such a huge scene like the parade and the dancing activity. So it’s a whole new experience for me as a viewer.”


    “My friends and I are going to participate in the football game again this year. Last year, we came fourth unfortunately. We want to get the first position this time and now we are working on it. We just keep practicing and we will make it!”
Elie(South Africa):“这是开心而难忘的经历”
     “Today, I will participate in the 100 meters and I am so happy for that, for last year I was too busy to get this chance. Actually, things in China are well organized, which are different from my country and better than my country indeed.”


    “It’s my first to take part in China’s sports meeting, and I will join the 2-kilometer race. In France I used to join the 5-kilometer race and today I think it will be fun.”

    “I just finished my long jump competition with a final result of 10.39 meters, and to be honest I’m satisfied with my performance today. I am so happy to take part in the competition and I am so thankful that my teachers offered me this opportunity to play a role in the sports meeting.”

    “I took part in the rope skipping, it was really nice with so all people, because there were so many people participating in it. It’s my first time to do the rope skipping as a competition, it’s really fun. Actually, in Germany, there are no parades, no cheer leaders. We don't have the sports meeting in our university, instead, we have it in school. There are so many different things I’ve never seen and done before. It’s really nice.”

    “Last year I had a go at the basketball game at the sports meeting, and this year I will take part in the basketball game again. We made four 3-pt shots so we are satisfied with the results, but I think we can do better. I want to speak to my friends who participate in sports meeting that they should continue to be like one team, as long as we stand as one team and put many great efforts in everything, we will achieve our best. I wish the international students team could win the first prize for the football game because they are indeed a very strong and competitive team!”

     “Sweat”, “thankful”, “remarkable”, those were the 54th BIT sports meeting gave to foreign athletes. Sport has no national boundaries and everybody has a right to participate in it and enjoy it. International students in BIT did perfectly. Their spirits as well as performance should be rewarded with applause.
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