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Secretary Zhao Changlu Visits Moscow University, Attends 17th Meeting of Sino-Russian Cooperation Council for humanities, and Hosts Sino-Russia University Principals Summit

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Zhou Xinyue

Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

     On the morning of July 4, 2016, the 17th meeting of Sino-Russian Cooperation Council for the humanities was held in Moscow. Vice Premier Liu Yandong and Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Gologets hosted the meeting together. Representatives from various fields in Sino-Russian Humanities Cooperation reported their work at the meeting, Secretary Zhao Changlu was at present.

    On the afternoon of July 4, Secretary Zhao Changlu visited Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow University). Principal Sadovnichii, leading his management team (Vice Principal Sergey Shakhray, Vice Principal Tatyana Kortava, Vice Principal Nikolay Syomin, Principal Assistant Yuri Mazei and so on), welcomed the delegation of Secretary Zhao. The two sides reviewed their cooperation, analyzed and studied the preparation work for the Cooperation University.

    On July 5, the Sino-Russia University Principals Summit was held in Moscow University. The summit was hosted by the Sino-Russian Ministry of Education, and undertaken by Beijing Institute of Technology, Peking University, China Education Association for International Exchange, Moscow University and Russian Association of University Principals. The theme of the summit was Sino-Russian Scientific Cooperation Strategy of Education. Vice Premier of China Liu Yandong attended the summit and sent a keynote speech. Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Gologets gave a lecture. Secretary Zhao Changlu and Principal of Moscow University Sadovnichii hosted the plenary meeting together, and four principals (party secretaries) on each country all addressed in the summit.

     Secretary Zhao Changlu called on BITers studying in Bauman Moscow State Technical University during the visit, and had a symposium with them, listening to their study and life.

     The members of delegation of BIT includes Executive Vice Dean of Graduate School Wang Junzheng, Executive Vice Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering Hu Jibin, Director of Center of International Communication and Cooperation Tang Shuiyuan. Doctor Jiang Ming from the School of Automation of BIT, who is having an academic exchange in Bauman Moscow State Technical University, attended part of the activities of delegation.


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