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The First International Technological Camp of BIT successfully held

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Qin Siyao

Editor:News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin



    The first International Technological Camp of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) was successfully held from October 1st to 5th, 2016, with the assistance of Office of International Students, Office of Liangxiang Campus Administration and Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs. The event aims to fulfill the function of the BIT Liangxiang campus in the aspect of education innovation, enhance international influence of the Liangxiang campus, cultivate overseas students’ scientific spirit, innovative consciousness, practice skills and help foreign students learn more about scientific activities and resources in BIT. With the abundant resources at the Liangxiang campus, the camp, built around the theme of “broaden scientific horizon and learn Chinese culture”, has launched a series of activities which attracted lots of foreign students.


    Various activities including the hands-on practice, traditional culture lesson, science experiment, outward bound course, talent show, not only improve team work, but also encourage the participants to learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture.


Different subjects, different charms



    The camp focused on technological innovation and covered lots of subjects. The ratio of foreign students to Chinese students in the camp approximately stands at 1:1. Every four foreign students was assigned with one Chinese assistant.

    The campers went to the Science and Technology Innovation Practice Base at the Liangxiang campus, where they succeeded in making digital clocks under the instruction of teachers; they made tiny rockets in machinery workshop. The moment their rockets flew up to the sky, they cheered and applauded for their achievements. In Eco-Lab, they finished the silver nanoparticles and fluorescer with the help of assistants and they appreciated the welcoming robot dance in robot workshop. The campers also enjoyed virtual reality experience in 3D workshop and some other activities.


Various activities, various experiences



     In addition to scientific study, there were also activities about Chinese culture like DIY red rope (a traditional Chinese bracelet which can protect peaceful), visit to Zhoukoudian Site Museum, Yunju temple and pingpang teaching. The campers spent an afternoon learning to make red rope. After knowing that red rope symbolize luck, they all expressed the willingness to learn to make it as soon as possible so that they can bring luck to their friends.


     The campers experienced different beauties of Chinese history during two visits- the pristine beauty at Zhoukoudian Site Museum and the delicate beauty in Yunju temple. Although the traditional Chinese culture, both extensive and profound, can’t be learned just by a few visits, through these two visits, these students were amazed by just a glimpse of the Chinese culture and wished to learn and experience more.

      Besides all the culture trips, students also received a few lessons of table tennis. A professional coach was invited to guide the fundamentals. After warming up, campers learned about the forehand attack, backhand attack and then began to practice while the coach offered guidance for students at different levels respectively. Ping-pang practice made foreign students appreciated the fun of this popular sports item.


Diverse cultures, same happiness



     In the end was a closing party. The campers watched a video that records things happened in this 5 days, full of memories. While watching it, everyone was touched.


     After the award ceremony and representative speeches, the versatile students gave marvelous performances at the party. They sang Chinese songs and recite Chinese poetries to extend their gratitude to Chinese friends. There was also a great Romanian show that receive rounds of applause. Everyone received a mobile phone holder printed with their own name at the back as a souvenir. Finally, the party came to an end successfully in a collective dance.


     The end of performances rounds off the First International Technological Camp. During this five days, campers have made friends with each other and have a better understanding of different cultures. The scientific study also gave them new experience in electronic, chemistry, machinery and computer, and deepen their knowledge of the main scientific research field and related resources in BIT.


      The First International Technological Camp is a great experiment on cultivating both scientific literacy and innovation together. In order not to affect the school teaching schedule, the camp was settled on the National Day holidays. This activity worked well and was praised by students.


      The success of the First International Technological Camp is also a helpful exploration to make the best of current education resources, on how to better serve the international strategy and overseas-study programs, and on how to improve the international prestige of BIT. With the holding of this camp, BIT will be more appealing to foreign students. 




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