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Minister of Russian Ministry of Education and Science Visits BIT

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Translator: News Agency of BIT Chen Yunhan

Editor: News Center of BIT Zhao Jie




  On the morning of May 15, 2017, Doctor Vassileva Olga, Minister of Russian Ministry of Education and Science, and her delegation visited Beijing Institution of Technology (BIT). During their visit, they were accompanied by Li Hai, deputy director of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Chistyakov Kiril, minister assistant of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, and Pozdniakov Igor, first secretary of the Russian Embassy in China and Chinese representative of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science were also in the delegation. Chairman of the BIT Council Zhao Changlu and vice president of BIT Mei Hong met with the Russian delegation. 




  Zhao Changlu extended his warm welcome to Vassileva and her delegation. During the meeting, Zhao looked back on the cooperation between BIT and the Russian Universities in the field of national defense in the past and cooperation in the fields of new energy, energy chemical engineering and aerospace in recent years. The school always aims at the major strategic requirements of the country and the forefront of world science and technology development, and makes great efforts to make progress. He said that Minister Vassileva paid the visit during the Belt and Road Summit, and he hoped that through this visit, BIT and top Russian universities could strengthen cooperation and exchanges, deepen the cooperation between China and Russia in the field of higher education, and better serve the national strategic needs of The Belt and Road.




  Vassileva thanked BIT for its warm reception. She briefly introduced the setting up of Russian institutions of higher learning, and affirmed the professional advantages of BIT in the fields of national defense, science and technology, engineering and other fields. Vassileva said that cooperation between BIT and the Lomonosov Moscow State University is an important project under the Belt and Road initiative. The Russian Ministry of Education and Science will support the construction of Chinese and Russian universities, including providing scholarships to Russian students to study in Chinese and Russian universities, and to promote Chinese and Russian universities to become a platform for strategic cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and Russia. In addition, the Russian Ministry of Education encourages Chinese students to study in Russia and jointly carry out international cooperation projects to deepen Chinese and Russian exchanges and cooperation in education and humanities.




  During the visit, the delegation also visited the inspection and management platform of new energy vehicles, watched the promotional video of BIT history and listened to its introduction. Wang Bencong, president assistant and director of the school office, Chairman and General Manager Guo Shougang of asset management company, Director Tang Shuiyuan and Deputy Director Gaoshan of the Office of International Affairs, and Huang Xiaopeng from BIT and Moscow University leading office, also attended the meeting. 




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