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BIT First IEEE International Conference on Cyborg and Bionic Systems opens

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Translator:News Agency of BIT You Yilin

Editor:News Agency of BIT Zhao Jie




  A few days ago, the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Cyborg and Bionic Systems (CBS), started mainly by Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), was successfully held at BIT IROS High-tech Innovation Center. The conference was launched by IEEE CBS International Technical Committee and held by BIT IROS High-tech Innovation Center, Complex System Intelligent Control and Decision Lab and School of Mechatronic Engineering.

  CBS aims at discussing the exchange and combination of robots and human’s functional unit, which involves the cross of many frontal subjects such as cell tissue, artificial tissue and organs, mechatronic unit, neural interface and biological intelligence. It reveals the bio-mechanism of human, changes people’s life styles and studies the core technology of the new-type intelligent robot.




  On May 2016, Huang Qiang and Toshio Fukuda, professors from BIT, together with four other professors from MIT (USA) and Technische Universität München, founded the IEEE CBS International Technical Committee as Co-Chairmen. This year sees the first IEEE CBS International academic conference. And the Chairman of the Organizing Committee (Professor Chen Jie), Chairman of the conference (Professor Huang Qiang and Professor Toshio Fukuda), Chairman of the steering committee (Professor Tatsuo Arai) are all professors from BIT. It is planned that the IEEE transaction shall be set up next year, which will have positive effect on the school’s, or even the country’s rising to pacemaker of this field.




  During the conference, experts from countries and regions, including China, Japan, Germany, USA, Italy, France, Australia and South Korea, will be joining the three-day academic discussion. The opening ceremony is hosted by Huang Qiang, the Chairman of the conference and the Executive Deputy Director of High-tech Innovation Center. 




  The President of BIT, Hu Haiyan, extended warm welcome to scholars and specialists around the world on behalf of the university. He spoke highly of the great foresight and strategic planning the CBS international technology steering committee had shown in the robot research field, and expressed his wish to the CBS’s prospect.




  More than 150 guests, domestic and overseas, attended the opening ceremony, which included member of the steering committee of High-tech Innovation Center, Chai Tianyou (Director of NSFC information department), Shang zhi (Minister of aerospace department of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation), He yu (general director of the manned space flight project, manned spacecraft system and space laboratory system), Professor Toshio Fukuda from BIT(Chairman of the 10th field research in IEEE), Professor Nigel Lovell from The University of New South Wales (Chairman of biomedical engineering society of IEEE), Professor Alois Knoll from Technische Universität München (Principal of Horizon 2020), Professor Xi Ning from Hong Kong University (Chairman of robot and automation society in IEEE), Fumihito Arai from Nagoya University (Vice chairman of robot and automation society), Professor Yang Shuiyuan(the director of International Office of BIT) and Professor Chen Pengwan (dean of BIT School of Mechatronic Engineering).

  The conference arranged five keynote speeches and specially invited speeches, ranging from medical robot, bionic intelligent artificial limb, men-like robots, micro-nano manipulation robot in biological application, neural control engineering, bionic vision and wearable assistant robots. IEEE CBS’s first meeting was held this year and it shall become an annual event. The conference next time will be held in Shen Zhen next year.

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