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Professor Li Shouping from Beijing Institute of Technology formally elected as academician of the International Academy of Astronautics

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           Translator:  News Agency of BIT Zhuang Chunyu

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  The International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) officially announced the results of the 2018 IAA academician election in July 2018. At the Academician Day of IAA held at the Bremen Convention Center in Germany on September 30, 2018, certificates were issued to the newly elected academicians. Li Shouping, professor of Beijing Institute of Technology and president of Beijing Institute of International Law, was elected as formal academician of the Department of Social Sciences of the IAA. Dr. Peter Jankowitsch, chairman of IAA and Mr. Raul Jimenez, director of the Mexican Space Agency, jointly issued professor Li Shouping with the academician certificate. Previously, professor Li Shouping was elected as fellow of Communications in the Department of Social Sciences of the IAA in 2016.


  Founded in 1960 in Stockholm, Sweden, IAA is an independent non-governmental international organization under the UN framework. Its academicians are composed of individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the aerospace field or to a branch of science vital to space exploration. IAA is divided into four departments: Basic science, technical science, life sciences and social sciences. The new academicians are nominated by IAA, reviewed by peer and “IAA Awards and The Academician Committee” and voted by the board and all the academicians. A formal academician was elected for life, and a communication academician was qualified to become a formal academician two years later.



Personal profile
      Li Shouping, professor of BIT, director of the Space Law Center of the National Space Administration, mainly engaged in international space law and international organization law research. In 2009, he was selected in the “New Century Talent Support Program” by the Ministry of Education. In 2011, he was selected as one of the 100 social science theoretical talents in Beijing. He was elected as formal academician of the IAA for his outstanding contributions to international space law research and teaching. Professor Li Shouping is currently the executive director of the China Society of International Law, the executive director of the Chinese Space Law Society, vice president of the China Association of European Law, and the president of the Beijing Institute of International Law. Professor Li Shouping' s representative work on space law, “The Monograph on Outer Space Law”, “New Developments in Space Activities in the 21st Century and Its Legal Regulations”, "The Cologne Space Law Commentary" (translated works) have important influence at home and abroad.


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