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Professor Anthony Carty Publishes Papers in Top-ranking Journals

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    Translator:  News Agency of BIT Miao Yufei

    Editor: News Agency of BIT

  Recently, as the first author, Professor Anthony Carty from school of Law published three high-level academic papers in American Journal of International Law, The British Yearbook of International Law and Journal of International Legal History respectively.

  In the article titled “The Need to be Rid of The Idea of General Customary International Law”, published in American Journal of International Law, Professor Anthony Carty points out that to use international custom, which considered as source of law, to prove the unanimity of the world order applied to specific group has been functional to International community is using idealism method instead of positivism method. Carty argues that the best international community can recognize that the International community is deeply rooted in diversity, even though it is a painful process to understand and respect the gap between countries and peoples until a common world order can be built based on cooperation and partnership.