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BIT Radar Technology Devoted to China’s First Manual Space Docking

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During the successful manual rendezvous and docking between the Shenzhou IX spacecraft and the orbiting Tiangong-1 lab, the first such attempt in China’s history of space exploration, the Radar Technology Institute of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) made a great contribution. The team, led by Professor Wu Siliang, invented and developed the rendezvous and docking microwave radar signal processor, and microwave response signal processor, providing precise measurement information about the relative position and movement of the two aircrafts, and operating well during the automated as well as manual docking and separating processes.
Before this task, the team also served for the docking task of Shenzhou VIII and the space lab module Tiangong-1 successfully, and will continue to work for Shenzhou X spacecraft, manned space station, and China’s lunar exploration project in the future.

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