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Century Cup opening ceremony

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News source: students press corps
Translator: Qin Tianyu
Editor: Propaganda Department of Party Committee   Zhao Lin

    On October 21st, 2012, the ninth “Century Cup” of BIT, a competition of students’ scientific and academic work, was solemnly inaugurated in the hall of Xu Teli library. Xi Guangqing, deputy director of judging panel of "Challenge Cup", Feng Changgen, vice president of China Association for Science and Technology(CAST), Wang Songguang , director of activity center of CAST, Li Hezhang, vice president of BIT and the related officials attended the opening ceremony.

    After reviewing the great achievements “Century Cup” of BIT has made in the last 17 years, Lin Wei, the secretary of BIT’s Youth League Committee introduced the setup of the ninth “Century Cup”. He pointed out that “Century Cup” would be held once a year ever since, instead of once in two years. Meanwhile, the competition of students’ scientific works and the competition of students’ creativity would be launched. He also mentioned that the traditional judging section of Century Cup would give way to functional network platform, which would practically make the judging section fairly, justly and overtly.

    Wang Zihao from School of Mechanical and Vehicular Engineering addressed a speech as the contestant representative. He introduced his experience and thought in regard to the competition and patent applying. He wished more and more students could participate in this competition.

    Then, CAST's vice president Feng Changgen delivered a speech. He hoped that this Century Cup could be successfully held and the participant could acquire knowledges about innovation, devotion and responsibility.

    Professor Xi Guangqing emphasized in his later speech that although BIT was a science and technology university, it was very necessary to cultivate the talents in area of social philosophy.

    Vice president Li Hezhang, who was also the director of organizing committee of the ninth Century Cup introduced the achievements that BIT made in the Century Cup competition briefly. Moreover, he mentioned three points in regard to the student innovation construction that wanted to be improved:

1. Participation of all students and cultivation in sections. To give students opportunities to participate in at least one practical innovation activity and to make innovation activity more popular.

2. To make good use of the advantage and to exploit unique characteristics. BIT should insist the featured way of development and combine it with the traditional subjects. Teachers should be more proactive to guide and direct student's practical innovation.
3. To keep on innovating and focus on cultivation, which meant forming the branding carrier of innovation activities and choosing outstanding accomplishments and potential student for long term cultivation.
At last, vice president Li Hezhang announced that the ninth “Century Cup” of BIT competition inaugurated.

    After the opening ceremony, leaders and the relevant experts inspected the exhibition of the entries. They spoke highly of the entries and affirmed it fully.

Background information:

“Century Cup” of BIT is a tryout for the national "Challenge Cup" competition. The main reasons to hold this Century Cup competition is as followed:
1. To inspire students' enthusiasm for participating in extracurricular scientific and academic activities.
2. To improve students' comprehensive quality.
3. To provide a platform for students to perform themselves and display their scientific accomplishments.
4. To make persons who are "curious, studious, practical, innovative" out of the students in our university.
5. To cultivate scientific innovative talents of high quality.
6. To prepare for the “Challenge Cup”.
7. To cultivate a passel of outstanding talents who may have achievements in scientific research based on the “Challenge Cup”.
8. To quest for the internal mechanism of the way to boost the student scientific innovation activities based on the “Challenge Cup”.
9. To stimulate the mushroom development of the student's extracurricular academic and scientific activities.

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