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School of Physics

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The School of Physics was founded in 2011, its formal was Department of Physics in the School of Science. Through years of development, the school has become one of the national bases of higher education in physics, receiving privileged university and state investment, for cultivating high-quality personnel and for solving major problems in physics or science and technology.
With one academician of Chinese Academy of Science, 12 full professors and 30 associate professors, the school is grouped into 5 research and teaching centers, which are the Theoretical and Computational Physics Center, the Quantum Control and its Application Center, the Static Electricity Research Center, and the Micro-Nano Center, the University Physics Teaching and Experimental Center. The main research fields in the school are Low-Dimensional System and Mesoscopic Transport, Computational Physics, Quantum Regulation and Compressed Sensing, Quantum Information, Atomic Molecule and Cluster Physics, Soft Matter Physics, Plasma and Electrostatic Physics. The research works of the school in these areas are in high level in China. The school also has a jointed academic area in Physical Chemistry, and Cluster Science which is a key laboratory of Ministry of Education co-established with School of Chemistry.
The school offers both graduate and undergraduate programs including two PhD programs in Condensed Matter Physics, Theoretical Physics, eight Master degree programs in Theoretical Physics, Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Plasma Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Acoustics, Optics, Radio Physics, and one bachelor degree program in Applied Physics. Every year, about 90 undergraduates, 50 graduated students, and more than 20 PhD candidates join the school. The two courses College Physics and College Physics Experiments are municipal excellent courses of Beijing, and the Physics Laboratory Center is municipal experimental teaching demonstration center of Beijing. With advanced facilities the school offers various experimental courses including General Physics Experiments, Modern Physics Experiments and Applied Physics Experiments.
The students in the school are required to have quite good foundation of physics and mathematics. In personnel training, the school attaches importance not only to the solid theoretical basis, but also to the training of experimental techniques, application of computer and abilities of applying physical theory to solve physical problems in engineering. The students graduated from the school are capable of doing not only research, teaching and experimental work, but also research work of related engineering specialties such as development of new techniques and new products due to their strong adaptabilities.
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