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School of Management & Economics

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    The School of Management & Economics derives from the former Management Engineering Department founded in 1980. In 1992, the school was named as School of Management, and the current school was established in 1998.
    The school conducts seven departments including Department of Management Science and Engineering, Department of Organization and Human Resource Management, Department of Applied Economics, Department of Public Management, Department of Accounting, Department of Technological Economy Management and Department of Marketing. In addition, there are the MBA Education Center, the EMBA Education Center, the MPA Education Center and the Education Center for Master of Engineering.
The school also has the following research centers:
1. Energy and Environmental Policy Research Center 
2. Mobilization of National Economy Education and Training Center 
3. National Defense Mobilization Center 
4. Crisis Management Research Center 
5. International Investment and Trade Research Center 
6. Modern Organization and Management Research Center 
7. Public Policy Laboratory 
8. Research Center of High-tech Monitoring 
9. Science and Technology Evaluation and Innovation Management Research Center 
10.System Risk Management Research Center 
11.Trade Remedies and Competition Policy Research Center
    The school can offer Ph.D program in the field of Management Science and Engineering (center for post-doctoral studies), Business Administration, Applied Economics and System Engineering. In 2002, Management Science and Engineering was awarded as a "Key Discipline in Beijing".
    The school has also been authorized to award master degrees in more than ten disciplines. They include Management Science and Engineering(National Economic Mobilization, Urban Management),Business Administration(Business Management, Techno-economic and Management and Marketing),Public Relation Management (Administrative Management ) and Applied Economics(International Trade, Industrial Economics), Systems Engineering, Operations Research and Cybernetics. The school's MBA and EMBA centers are authorized to award Master of Business Administration. Its MPA center and the center for Master of Engineering are authorized to award MPA and Master of Engineering. The MBA Education Center began to enroll students in 1994, making BIT to become one of the first institutions in this field. Ratified by the Academic Degree Commission of the States Council of China and the Ministry of Education, BIT became one of the first 30 national institutions authorized to confer Executive Master Degree of Business Administration (EMBA) in 2002.The EMBA Education Center was established in 2003 and has come into operation since then.
    The school offers 6 Undergraduate Programs including Business Administration, Information Management and Information System, International Economics and Trade, Accounting, Marketing and Public Administration. All together, there are more than 3400 students studying in the school currently and among them are 1800 undergraduate students. More than 1400 students are graduate students including about 200 Ph.D candidates. More than 130 professors and staff are working in the school. And 31 out of 130 are professors and 46 are associate professors.
    In recent years, the school has made significant progresses in many fields such as research achievements and building international academic relationships. It is striving to realize its goal of training more outstanding and creative managerial talents for the society and international community.
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