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School of Law

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The School of Law is one of the first law schools in the country's science and technology institutes to offer legal studies. It derives from the Department of Law under the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and was established on December 15, 2008.

The School has an array of competent faculty of 37 full-time teachers, 9 professors, 13 associate professors and 15 lecturers, among whom 5 are doctoral supervisors. A number of professors from other law schools in the country and foreign universities like University of Cologne, University of Mississippi and Illinois Institute of Technology, and some renowned expert practitioners are also part of the faculty. The School also invites a carefully selected group of visiting scholars to visit and teach each year, along with preeminent lawyers in practice in a variety of professional settings, who in combination with the full-time faculty, enable students to interact and connect with some of the top legal minds in the world.

Interdisciplinary education has always been a hallmark and distinct strength of the School, where students can explore the many ways law intersects with other fields. Striving to cultivate the highest standards of education and expand its scholarly influence, the School has deepened its commitment to interdisciplinary education, working with graduate schools throughout the university to develop cooperative learning opportunities and joint degree programs.

The School is home to some 350 undergraduates and 150 graduates who are now able to pursue doctor's degree in Economics of Law, master's degree in Law of the first level discipline, master's degree in J. M. (Juris Master Speciality Degree Education) and joint degree in Law.

The School of Law offers a curriculum of great breadth: diversified courses and seminars that together reflect the remarkable range of the faculty's expertise and interests. The key disciplines of the School include jurisprudence, civil and commercial law, intellectual property law, international law and procedural law; distinctive disciplines consist of legal methods, intellectual property law, environment and resources protection law, aviation and space law and justice system.

The BIT School of Law enhances the intellectual life of its academic community by sponsoring a variety of?institutes, centers, programs, and workshops, inspired by the interests of its faculty and students.?These offerings extend the curriculum, support faculty research, and engage the student body in serious academic inquiry.

Each institute has a particular focus. Institutes like Theoretical Jurisprudence Institute, Civil and Commercial Law Institute, Environmental Law Institute, International Law Institute and Procedural Law Institute shoulder the tasks of teaching and research. Other institutes like International Space Law Institute,?Institute for Advanced Judicial Studies, Intellectual Property Law Institute and Human Right Institute develop distinctive and professional programs.

Also available to every law student are intern programs, a total 15 intern bases set up with domestic judicial departments and law firms, in which they can develop real-world experience by practicing in projects like "Legal Practice Course" and "Moot Court". Numerous academic exchanges in areas like international law and intellectual property law develop in various and multi-layer ways as intimate cooperation relationship thrives between BIT Law School and other law schools from countries like America, Canada, Germany and Ireland. In addition, BIT law students also have the opportunity to study abroad or join relevant internship programs on the School's fund.

In everything done at the BIT School of Law, teaching and mentoring take place side by side, as faculty and students learn together and collaborate on projects that will contribute to the country and the world.?Under the guidance of distinguished instructors in the Law School, the students have achieved excellent results in domestic and international competitions like Beijing Foreign Studies University Intellectual Property Law English Moot Court Competition and Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition in Asian-Pacific Region with outstanding performance.

So far, the School has trained about 2,000 graduates, among whom 96% get placed in jobs or further education within few months of graduation. The School has always been committed to preparing students to go wherever the law leads them, around the globe and into any of the countless fields of law shapes, from economics to the environment, public policy to public service.

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The Law Majors

The Mission:
BIT School of Law is unique among law schools in that it produces interdisciplinary talents with innovative consciousness and high practical ability in all walks of life: distinguished faculty members at law schools across the country; participants of nongovernmental organizations and other social entities; corporate counsels; government servants in state and local offices and the judiciary——just a few areas in which our alumni's talent and passion and dedication have made a difference.

The School follows its own approach to legal education. Academic pressure gives way to true intellectual stimulation. Competition becomes collaboration. Mentors become friends. And learning law becomes an enlightening, enriching, inspiring experience. It dedicates its resources to a single mission: Make the years students spend immersed in the study of law the best experience possible.

The Major:
At BIT Law, academics are about more than just coursework; they are about intensive intellectual dialogue, first-hand lawyering and clinical experiences——and always, a disciplinary approach to training the legal professionals of tomorrow. It seeks to cultivate inter-disciplinary talent with sophisticated knowledge and skills on law, science and technology, management and foreign language. The specific areas of concentration at the School of Law are Jurisprudence Civil and Commercial Law, Environment and Resources Protection Law, International Law and Procedure Law. Besides, the School provides a vast array of programs for hands–on practice——from Intellectual Property Law Institute, "Moot Court" and Legal Clinic to overseas externships——sharpen skills, cultivate perspective, and open students' eyes to the many possibilities beyond law school.

The courses:
Required Courses: Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Chinese Legal History, Civil Law, Property Law, Creditor's Rights Law, Tort Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property Law, Economic Law, Civil Procedure Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law, Environment and Resources Protection Law, Labor and Social Security Law, International Law, Private International Law, International Economic Law, etc..
Elective Courses: Legal Sociology, Legislation, Comparative Law, Criminal Law Practice, Knowledge Property Law practice, Civil and Commercial Law Case Study, Negotiable Instruments Law, Maritime Law, Bankruptcy Law, Tax Law, Energy Law, Aviation and Space Law, Legal English, Judicial System and Legal Profession, Legal Clinics, etc..

Career and Further Education:
The School is entitled to grant bachelor's degree in Law, master's degree in Law and in J. M. (Juris Master Speciality Degree Education) and joint degree in Law. And top students of the School can enjoy the recommendation to pursue further education. More than 96% of the students can be placed in jobs or further education within few months of graduation, a reflection of the high quality of the graduates.

Academic Years and Degree:
Four years of undergraduate education culminates in bachelor's degrees in Law at graduation ceremony.

(Translation by MTI candidates, BIT)

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