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BIT has achived many honours in several fileds.
  • Memorable Records:

1. The first low-angle, height finding radar in China, designed by BIT, was put into use in 1958.
2. The first sounding rocket in China, designed and developed by BIT, was launched in 1958.
3. The first planetarium in China was designed and developed by BIT in 1958.
4. The first TV system in China was designed and established by BIT in 1958.
  • New Achievements:

1. The latest projects in BIT are associated with national major events. Pure electric buses, firework technology and software simulation technology have contributed to the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2010 Shanghai Expo and the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

2. Deployment simulation of communication antenna for Lunar Orbitor Chang'e I. Dynamic analysis of satellite dual-axis antenna.

3. BIT researchers designed the signal processing system for the Shenzhou VIII spaceraft's unmanned docking with the Tiangong I space module.

4. fs/ps laser 3D micro/nano-fabrication system(BIT Laser Micro/Nano-Fabrication Laboratory)
    Ultra-long lifetime ultra-high energy-density batteries and novel high-sensitivity fiber sensors.

5. The first wireless humanoid robot, designed by BIT, can walk and perform Taichi. The latest robots can play Pingpong against humans.

6. Aiming to improve the energy density, power density, safety problems of secondary batteries, as well as the green recycling of used batteries, BIT researchers have made systematic investigation in high power Ni-H batteries(>1250W/kg) and lithium (>1800W/kg). The batteries have been applied to Hybrid-Electric Vehicles produced by major Chinese Automotive Manufacturers.

7. Virtual Reality Technology, developed by BIT, enables people to see the "real" Yuan-Ming Park destroyed in several wars.

8. BIT Lab of Space Biology is studying microfluidic chips to explore traces of life in space via space biological and biomedical experiments. The Shenzhou VIII spacecraft has taken a life science research device designed by BIT to carry out experiments in space.
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