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Labs & Centers:(Outstanding Laboratories)
  • National Key Laboratories
4. Science and Technology on Materials in Impact Environment Laboratory
5. Science and Technology on Electromechanical Dynamic Control Laboratory
6. Science and Technology on Vehicle Transmission Laboratory
  • Provincial Key Laboratories  
1. Key Laboratory of Complex System Intelligent Control and Decision(Beijing Institute of Technology), Ministry of Education
3. Key Laboratory of Cluster Science(Beijing Institute of Technology), Ministry of Education
4. Key Laboratory of Biomimetic Robots and Systems(Beijing Institute of Technology), Ministry of Education
5. Key Laboratory of Electronic Information Technology in Satellite Navigation (Beijing Institute of Technology), Ministry of Education 
6. Key Laboratory of Dynamics and Control of Flight Vehicle(Beijing Institute of Technology), Ministry of Education
7. Engineering Research Center of Navigation, Guidance and Control Technology(Beijing Institute of Technology),Ministryof Education
8. Beijing Higher Institution Engineering Research Center of Power Battery and Chemical Energy Materials
9. Engineering Research Center of Fire-Safe Materials and Technology(Beijing Institute of Technology), Ministry of Education
10. Beijing Laboratory for Electric Vehicles
11. Beijing Key Laboratory of Automatic Control System
12. Beijing Laboratory of Intelligent Information Technology
13. Low Emission Vehicle Research Laboratory
14. Beijing Key Laboratory of Environment Science and Engineering
15. Key Laboratory of Digital Performance and Simulation Technology
16. Beijing Key Laboratory of Embedded Real-time Information Processing Technology
17. Beijing Key Laboratory of Bio-separation and Bio-analysis
18. Beijing Key Laboratory of Software Security Engineering Technology (Beijing Institute of Technology)
19. Beijing Key Laboratory of Millimeter wave and Terahertz Technique
20. Beijing Key Laboratory of Chemical Power Source and Green Catalysis
21. Beijing Key Lab of Nanophotonics and Ultrafine Optoelectronic Systems
22. Beijing Engineering Center for Electric Vehicle
23. Beijing Engineering Research Center of Massive Language Information Processing and Cloud Computing Application 
24. Beijing Engineering Research Center of Cellulose and Its Derivatives
25. Fundemental Science on Multiple Information Systems Laboratory
26. Fundamental Science on  Advanced Machining Laboratory
27. Fundamental Science on Vehicular Power System Laboratory
28. Micro-structure Fabrication Technology Resarch and Application Center for ScienceTechnology and Industry for National Defence
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