China-Poland e-Bus program signing ceremony held at BIT

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News Source: BIT Hua-chuang Electric Vehicle Technology Co.,LTD
Translator: Tong Jiasheng
Editor:  Propaganda Department of the Party Committee  Zhao Lin

    Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), BIT Hua-chuang Electric Vehicle Technology Co.,LTD and some other organizations signed the corporation agreement of China-Poland e-Bus program with TAURON Energy Co.,LTD of Poland and Warsaw University of Technology in Beijing Friendship Hotel on Feb. 3rd, 2013.

    Chen Jiachang, deputy director of department of high and new technology development and industrialization; Zhu Shilong, deputy director of municipal science and technology commission of Beijing; Qian Minghua, chief of automobile division of equipment department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and some other leaders attended the signing ceremony.

    This signing ceremony contains four major cooperative agreements: the strategic partnership agreement between BIT and Warsaw University of Technology, the specific implementation agreement of Poland e-Bus program between BIT Hua-chuang Electric Vehicle Technology Co.,LTD and TAURON of Poland, besides, Shanghai Dianba New Energy Technology Co.,LTD and CITIC Guoan Mengguli Power Science and Technology Co.,LTD had signed the patent licensing agreement with TAURON Energy Co.,LTD respectively. 
     Supported by the “863” major project of electric vehicle of Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing “high-tech Olympics” major project of electric vehicle, BIT took the lead to corporate with other project teams closely. As a result, BIT successfully put the e-Bus system technology, which including electric bus technology, charging station technology and operation monitoring and fault diagnosing technology, into use of the city operation system of Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and “thousand vehicles in ten cities” program. So far, the safe mileage amounted to more than tens of millions kilometers, which had become a landmark in domestic electric vehicle field and won a global reputation.
    The China-Poland e-Bus program was a result of the operation of TAURON Energy Co.,LTD and BIT. The amount of money during the first demonstration term added up to more than 28 million RMB, which would be used by Hua-chuang Co.,LTD to build an electric public transportation system in Poland on the base of BIT’s existing e-bus system platform with the help of TAURON Co.,LTD. The second term aimed to build 16 charging stations in 5 cities of Poland and run 780 fully electric buses. Meanwhile, the both sides should pitch in promoting the implementation of this system in the other EU members and the neighboring countries. This signing symbolized high-tech achievement of electric vehicle output, which was supported by the central government and Beijing municipal government, from China to Europe, while in the past, it usually would be the other way around. Thus it was significant in improving China’s international image and promoting the alternative-energy technology into the global market.
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