BIT’s international technological cooperation team conducts academic exchange in Russia

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News Source: School of Chemical Engineering and Environment
Translator: Zhang Ruiting
Editor: Propaganda Department of the Party Committee  Zhao Lin

    To promote the progress of technological programs and the order of international cooperative programs’ duties, the international cooperative team from School of Chemical Engineering and Environment went to Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology and other universities in Russia to carry on academic exchange from Dec.7th to Dec.13th, 2012. The team was presided by vice-dean Li Jiarong and Yan Yiming, director of department of energy & chemical, deputy director Li Hansheng and deputy director Zhang Dongxiang, associate professor Li Xin and some others were also parts of the team.

    The team was received by Prof. Malkov Alexander, vice-president of Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology and Prof. Meshchryakova Taifa, dean of Post-graduation School. Prof. Alexander welcomed the team and made a thorough introduction of Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology and expressed the desire to conduct academic exchange between Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) and Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology. Prof. Taifa proposed a plan of communications between the students and staffs of the both sides. Prof. Li also briefly introduced the history and recent development status of BIT, especially the status of scientific research and talents’ cultivation of School of Chemical Engineering and Environment. He believed that the two universities would have a promising prospect in the foreseeable future in both academic research and students’ cultivation.

    At Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology, the team and the specialists have already started to exchange ideas about the work. Three academic lectures were held there, concerning International Technological Cooperative Programs of Ministry of Science and Technology, the International (China-Russia) Cooperative Program of National Funding of Science and Technology as well as the future plan about further cooperation. The team was also informed about the status of teaching, researching and talents’ cultivation in Russia. During the visit, the team also visited Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University.
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