Delegation of BIT visits universities in Hong Kong

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News Source: Center of International Communication and Cooperation
Translator: Zhao Juan
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    In order to comprehensively promote and enhance the in-depth cooperation between BIT and the universities in Hong Kong, and to establish a platform for academic exchange, the delegation of BIT led by president Hu Haiyan paid a visit to Hong Kong from Nov. 27th to Nov. 30th, during which, plenty of great achievements has been made.
President Hu exchanged souvenirs with Xu Lizhi, president of Hong Kong University
    On November 29th, President Hu Haiyan visited Hong Kong University. There he, together with professor Xu Lizhi and some deans from HKU held talks on undergraduate and faculty exchange programs. They have reached a consensus on this issue and looked forward to the further cooperation.
President Hu made an academic report in Institute for Advanced Study
    On November 30th, president Hu Haiyan visited Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Leaders from both sides reached an agreement about exchange programs and cooperation. In HKUST, President Hu was also invited to visit the nano-electronic laboratories and delivered an academic report in Institute for Advanced Study.
President Hu was awarded the “Prize for Chinese Distinguished Visiting Scholars” by Hong Kong Polytehnic University
    On November 28th, receiving the “Prize for Chinese Distinguished Visiting Scholars of the Year 2012” by Hong Kong Polytechnic University with five other scientists, President Hu Haiyan attended the award presentation ceremony and gave a speech titled as “College Education geared to the 3rd Industrial Revolution”.
    On November 27th, president Hu visited City University of Hong Kong and held the further cooperation talks with the leaders of that college. Then he visited the State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution and listened to research reports delivered by professor Andrey Rogach, director of Functional Photoelectron Research Center who hoped to establish a joint research and carry out programs of cooperative study with BIT.
President of China Education Foundation, doctor Wang Zhongying sent a gift to president HU
    In addition, president Hu also visited Hong Kong China Education Fund and Hong Kong Institute of Economic Management. He also met with some relevant leaders in Beijing-Hong Kong Talent Exchange Center and Beijing-Hong Kong Academic Exchange Center. At last, he met teachers, students and alumni from BIT who now study or research in CityUHK, HKPU and HKUST.
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