Prof. Marcela Miozzo from University of Manchester visits BIT

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Translator: News Agency of BIT
Editor: News Center of BIT Zhao Lin

    Professor Marcela Miozzo from Manchester Business School (MBS)paid a visit to Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) on invitation of School of Management and Economics and Fusion Development Institute and undertook collaborative research visits for two weeks as well as gave an academic report on Mar.27,2013.

    Professor Marcela Miozzo is a renowned scholar in the field of international technical innovation policy. She has made prominent achievements in national and departmental enterprise organizational structure and innovation. Furthermore, she has held numerous international fund projects as well as taken charge of the education of postgraduates in MBS.

    Executive vice president Zhu Donghua from Fusion Development Institute, together with Professor Marcela Miozzo, further carried out collaborative research in industrialization, informatization, technology [technological]innovation policy, analysis of industrial energy conservation and emissions reduction and data mining. They conducted  in-depth discussion and then reached common ground in communication and visits of teachers and united training of Ph.D. student.

    Professor Marcela Miozzo gave an academic report of Open Innovative Management named New Innovative Partnerships between Industry and Universities of Technology Landscape on Mar.28. She then made a report named High-tech Enterprise Transnational Merger and Acquisition and Innovative Output on Mar. 28.
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