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Beijing Key Laboratory of Environment Science and Engineering 

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Beijing Key Laboratory of Environment Science and Engineering

  The Beijing Key Laboratory of Environment Science and Engineering was authorized in 2001 and successfully passed the acceptance check in 2009.
  The laboratory’s major research fields include: (1) environment friendly NI-MH batteries, lithium ion batteries, fuel cells and their relevant materials; (2) microbial technology for industrial waste water treatment, flue gas desulfurization and denitration technologies for atmospheric pollution control and technologies to remove trace poisonous and harmful gas; (3) reclamation of metal materials in waste batteries and contaminant analysis and management in environmental sciences.
  The laboratory has formed its unique features in environmental-friendly new energy materials and is a leading force in relevant research in China. Besides, researches were launched on developing microbial technology for wastewater treatment engineering, atmosphere pollution control, waste battery reclamation and other environmental friendly materials, by which the laboratory has grown into a comprehensive environmental science and engineering laboratory, focusing on advanced materials and technologies in green energy.
  As a Beijing-based lab, it launched a series of innovative researches and R&D in terms of new energy materials and technologies, atmosphere pollution control and microbial pollution treatment technologies, reclamation of electrolyte and noble metal in waste batteries to solve Beijing’s specific problems. Besides, the laboratory worked actively to promote application of the technologies to solve practical issues closely related to national economy and people's livelihood and contributed to Beijing’s economic construction and sustainable development.

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