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School of Mathematics

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Prof. TIAN Yubin
Executive Vice Dean

    The School of Mathematics in Beijing Institute of Technology was founded in June 2011 with its predecessor being the Department of Mathematics in the School of Science. The School of Mathematics aims to produce mathematical and statistical talents on basic and applied researches. It was approved of granting doctoral degrees in Applied Mathematics by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council in 1981, which was among the earliest ones. It was authorized to grant doctoral degrees in first level disciplines of mathematics in 2010 and of statistics in 2011. Besides, it has set the postdoctoral research office on mathematics. The school has strong competitiveness both at home and broad.

    Under the School of Mathematics, there is Department of Mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Probability and Statistics, Institute of Mathematics and Experimental Center of Mathematics. The school has a staff of 84 people, including 18 professors, 21 doctoral advisors and 52 master’s advisors, and 93% of the full-time teachers have doctorate degrees. Besides, there is one Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor and four people in the New Century Talents Program of the Ministry of Education.

    For undergraduate studies, the school offers programs on Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computer Science, and Statistics, and enrolls over 100 students every year. Almost 50% of the graduates continue their studies in prestigious universities at home and abroad.

    The school develops postgraduate education by exploring new training methods and giving equal weight to basic research talents, cross-disciplinary talents and high-tech talents. The annual enrollment is over 70 students, and every year there are winners of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Scholarship, Xu Teli Scholarship and Youbo Fund. Among the students’ doctoral dissertations, three have won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award nomination. 

    With a first-rate teaching staff, the school is leading domestic researches and approximating the international top level in algebra, control theory, fuzzy topology, probability theory, statistical inference and reliability theory, graph theory, differential geometry and information geometry, and differential equations. Every year, the school undertakes a number of projects from the National Natural Science Foundation, the "863" Program and the "973" Program with research funds of about 5 million yuan. Many of its academic papers have been published in international renowned journals and have won several scientific and technological progress awards at provincial, ministerial and national levels.

    With the aim to internationalize its education and scientific research, the school has cooperated with many world prestigious universities in Germany, the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Spain, Japan, and Sweden. During the past two years, the school has recommended more than 20 postgraduates to famous overseas universities for joint training programs, and cooperated with University of Manchester in the 2 +2 Program for undergraduates.
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