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【Lecture】What Is Life?

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Time:3 pm on Monday, Nov.3rd,2014
Location:Room 101 in the Postgraduates'  Building
Reporter:Antti Niemi                           
Introduction of the Reporter:
    Prof. Antti Niemi is the chair professor  of  Thousand Talents Plan in School of Physics, who is also an internationally renowned physicist, member of Swedish Royal Society (Natural Sciences), academician of Finnish Academy of Sciences.  

Summary of the report:

    Traditionally, the goal of physics has been largely seen as reducing our description of nature to the simplest possible. However, today physics is increasingly helping us to understand how  the complexity of our world is built up. In particular, the question "what is life" can now be largely  formulated as the problem to describethe physical properties and interactions of proteins. Moreover, since diverse neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s and many forms  of cancer are presumed to have their origin in misfolded proteins, the understanding of life at the level of proteins could have an enormous impact on biology, pharmacy and health sciences and provide huge benefits to the society by paving ways to cure many tormenting diseases. In this talk we describe how the concepts and models of physics can be applied and developed  to describe life,  to the extent that  it relates to the properties of proteins in living cells.


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