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【Lecture】Notice of "Acdemic Frontier of 21 century" Lecture

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    The delegation of Delft University of Technology will visit School of Mathematics and Statistics on Nov.21th, 2014. During their visit, they will hold a series lectures about Mathematics and Statistics. Welcome all teachers and students!

    Time: on the morning of Nov.21th, 9:00—11:30

    Location:No.2 Building in Liangxiang Campus, Room B102

    Reporter and Title:

    Mathematical Physics by Prof dr Arnold Heemink
    Guest lecture: Filtering and control of large scale systems

    Analysis by Dr Wolter Groenestijn
    Guest lecture: Functions and symmetries

    Statistics by Dr Juan-Juan Cai
    Guest lecture: Statistical inferences on extreme events: mission impossible?

    Applied Probability by Dr Pasquale Cirillo
    Guest lecture: Predicting the next big one.

    Numerical Analysis by Dr Fred Vermolen
    Guest lecture: Numerical Adventures in Biomedical Modeling

    Optimisation by Prof dr Karen Aardal (speaker for both)
    Guest lecture: Title not yet determined

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