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Collection of Contributions for BIT English Website

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    The new version of the BIT English website ( went online in 2012. It is a great platform for BITers to introduce our university towards other universities as well as international students. Now, so as to improve the quality of the website, we are starting a campus-wide collection for contributions of every form.

A. Content

The content should include at least one of the aspects mentioned below:

1. Important events in BIT or concerning BIT
2. News on international exchange activities
3. Latest news on science research in different schools or departments
4. Research progress in the form of essay, patent or other research findings
5. Personal or group achievements
6. In-depth reports of famous figures or events in BIT
7. Campus culture events

B. Requirements

1.Contributions, with no restriction on the number of words, can be in either Chinese or English (English preferred). Furthermore, for information that we find valuable, we will build a special team to cover the news.

2.Contributions can be photos, videos or picture news. For contributions of picture news or video news, please contact Miss Zhao Lin first for relative requirements.

3.The name, employee ID (student ID), department and contact information of the author should be specified in the contributions.

4.Any piece of contribution chosen or not will be replied. Once the contribution is chosen, you will receive remuneration and your article will be published on the website with your name on it.

C. Contact Information

Please make sure that you send your contribution(s) with the file name “name + title” to
Contact information: Miss Zhao Lin, editor of the website
Telephone number: 68912264
Publicity Department of the Party Committee(News Center of BIT)

Jan 24, 2015
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