Recreational Facilities

Life in Liangxiang Campus, BIT—Convenient Services for Teachers and Students

(1)Bicycle sharing
       Hello bike sharing is a project introduced by BIT in September 2018, which is mainly convenient for teachers and students to travel on campus and travel safely. After continuous standardized management, there are nearly 1,000 bicycles in BIT Liangxiang Campus, as well as exclusive bicycles for Beijing Institute of Technology and fast and labor-saving mopeds. Download the "Helloglobal" APP and you can use it without deposit. You can ride on a monthly card with many discounts.


(2) Shuttle bus on Liangxiang Campus
       The Liangxiang shuttle bus is a transportation artifact that solves the "last mile" from the Liangxiang campus to the subway station Liangxiang University Town North Station. The shuttle bus runs from 6:30 in the morning to 22:40 in the evening. It departs at a fixed time and runs every 20 minutes and is free of charge. This not only greatly facilitates the daily travel of teachers and students on campus (especially for carrying large luggage), but also ensures the personal safety of the small partners who travel at night.



(3) Stadium of Liangxiang Campus
       The long-awaited stadium of Liangxiang Campus has been put into use in May this year! The stadium contains swimming pools, gymnasiums, basketball courts, badminton courts, table tennis rooms and boxing, artistic gymnastics and other functional rooms. It mainly meets the needs of school physical education, training and cultural activities. It is a good place for teachers and students to exercise.



(4) The library, a 24-hour study and leisure space
       Are you still worried that your roommate has been disturbed by the overnight review of the bedroom? Are you still worried about trying to study hard but can't find a good environment? The "Xin Study Room-24 Hours Shared Learning and Leisure Space" of Xu Teli Library in Liangxiang Campus, which was put into use in the first half of this year, will solve this kind of trouble for you. The comfortable and casual coffee and book bar, efficient and convenient self-service facilities, fresh and elegant overall environment, dense and orderly seating arrangement and professional security of librarians provide good learning services for the teachers and students of Liangxiang campus.


(5) Self-service printer
       Self-service printers are widely distributed in teaching buildings, office buildings and dormitory buildings on campus, basically meeting the needs of students for printing services. It can be printed in the cloud or U disk; and it can print documents and photo IDs, and the price is convenient and fast.




(6) Self-service washing machine
       At present, the campus has a self-service washing machine service project covering all student apartments. Self-service washing machines are used by swiping cards, and students can purchase cards at B101, Zhishanyuan Management Office. The self-service washing machine is regularly cleaned, disinfected, maintained and repaired by a designated person.