School of Optoelectronics

Founded in 1950s, school of optoelectronics has developed for more than half century, with characteristic disciplines, abundant teaching resource, and outstanding academic achievements. More than 20 science and technology awards have been got within last ten years. More than 10 thousands students at all level of degree have graduated from the school, which played an important role in the construction of national economic and national defense.  There are 800 students, 580 master degree postgraduates and 240 doctor degree postgraduates in the school at the moment.


The school possesses rich teaching resource of 138 faculties, with 1 academician of Chinese Academic of Engineering, 4 Yangzi River Professors, 2 State Outstanding Contribution Experts, 2 State Outstanding Young Science Fund winners, 12 owners of New Century High Level Talent Project of education ministry, 1 Yangzi River scholar and innovation team of education ministry. There are 38 professors and 36 PhD advisers in the school.


The school has modern experiment labs. There is a teaching experiment demonstrate center of Industry and Information Ministry-the optoelectronics teaching experiment center, 2 states and 1 local out campus training center in the school, supplying students with fairly good conditions for practice and doing experiment.  An optoelectronics innovation center is also constructed in the school, which play an important rule for training the ability of scientific innovation and practice. Only in 2012, 42 students won prize at various domestic and international competitions, 3 invention patents are authorized.


The school is with powerful capacity for scientific research, with wide research field and potential application. The annual invest for research is about 90 millions. About 300 papers are published in high level academic periodicals and meetings. There is “color science and engineering” state key discipline lab, “Information Optics” open lab of education ministry, and “Opto-electronics Imaging Technology and System” key lab of education ministry located in the school.


The school has measurement and control technology and instrument, optoelectronics information science and engineering two courses for undergraduate student. More than 60% undergraduate students have the chance to continue their study as postgraduate in 2012.  The school has good relationship with more than 10 university partners world-wide, and student can take part in the jointly education course. The school also has instrument science and technology, optics engineering, and physical electronics disciplines for master degree and doctor postgraduate education. Among them, optics engineering is the first class state key disciplines, and physical electronics is the second class state key discipline. 

Release date:2017-03-09