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Ning Zheng

Ning Zheng, Ph.D
School of Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology
5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District
Beijing, China, 100081
Email: ningzheng@bit.edu.cn
Cell Phone: 0086-15010762296
• Ph.D. & M.S. in Physics, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 08/2001- 08/2007.
Ph. D dissertation: “Energy spectra of gold monolayer protected clusters measured by single electron tunneling force microscopy” (Thesis advisor: Clayton. C. Williams)
• B.S. in Applied Physics, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China, 09/1995-07/1999.
Career Experience:
• Associate Professor, School of Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 07/2013 – Present.
• Assistant Professor, School of Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 09/2009 – 07/2013.
• Research Engineer, Electron Microscopy/Atomic Force Microscopy Engineer, BioWarn LLC, Pittsboro, NC, 08/2007-08/2008.
Honors and Awards:
2012 Second Place, 13th Excellent Teaching Award in Beijing Institute of Technology
2011 Excellent Young Scholars of Beijing Institute of Technology
Research Interests
• Static and dynamic properties of granular chains, in particular as a simple model to understand the phenomena observed at other scales, as scaling behaviors in polymers.
• Segregation and instability of binary granular mixture under vibrations.
• Granular flow in porous media.
• Scanning probe microscopy techniques and physical (electrical, thermal or tribological) characterization of artificial nanostructures and nanomaterials.
Selected Publications
1. Flux of granular particles through a shaken sieve plate, Pingping Wen, Ning Zheng*, Junwei Nian, Liangsheng Li, & Qingfan Shi, Scientific reports, 5:09880 (2015)
2. Bottom stresses of static packing of granular chains, PingPing Wen, Guan Wang, Degan Hao, Ning Zheng*, Liangsheng Li, Qingfan Shi, Physica A 419 457–463 (2015)
3. Symmetrically periodic segregation in a vertically vibrated binary granular bed, Pingping Wen, Ning Zheng*, Liangsheng Li & Qingfan Shi, Scientific reports, 4: 6914 (2014)
4. Scaling probability distribution of granular chains in two dimensions, Guan Wang, Ning Zheng*, Pingping Wen, Liangsheng Li, Qingfan Shi, Physica A, 407 192–197 (2014)
5. Segregation in mixtures of granular chains and spherical grains under vertical vibration, Xiaoxian Yuan, Ning Zheng*, Qingfan Shi, Gang Sun, and Liangsheng Li, Physical Review E, 87, 042203 (2013)
6. Heaping instabilities in a layered Bi-disperse granular bed, Ning Zheng, Ping-Ping Wen, Qing-Fan Shi, Pik-Yin Lai, and C. K. Chan, EPL, 100 44002 (2012)
7. Polymerlike statistical characterization of two-dimensional granular chains, Ping-Ping Wen, Ning Zheng, Liang-Sheng Li, Heng Li, Gang Sun, and Qing-Fan Shi, Physical Review E, 85, 031301 (2012)
8. Percolation current in a periodic segregation of a binary granular mixture, Shanshan Du, Qingfan Shi, Gang Sun, Liangsheng Li, and Ning Zheng*, Physical Review E, 84, 041307 (2011)
9. Large-Scale Spinning Assembly of Neat, Morphology-Defined, Graphene-Based Hollow Fibers, Yang Zhao, Changcheng Jiang, Chuangang Hu, Zelin Dong, Jiangli Xue, Yuning Meng, Ning Zheng, Pengwan Chen, and Liangti Qu, ACS Nano, 7(3), 2406–2412, (2013)
10. Electronic characterization of individual monolayer-protected Au clusters by single electron tunneling force spectroscopy, N Zheng, J. P. Johnson, C. C. Williams, and G. Wang, Nanotechnology 21, 295708 (2010)
11. Atomic scale imaging and spectroscopy of individual electron trap states using force detected dynamic tunneling, J. P. Johnson, N. Zheng and C. C. Williams, Nanotechnology 20 055701 (2009)
Contributed talk, 2nd Workshop on Soft Condensed Matter, Hefei, Aug 2013
Invited talk, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics China at the Chinese Academy of Sciences “Complex Dynamics in Granular Systems”, Beijing, China, May 2013
Contributed talk, 1st Workshop on Soft Condensed Matter, Shanghai, Dec 2012
Contributed talk, 1st National Conference on Computational Mechanics of Granular Materials (CMGM-2012), Zhangjiajie, Hunan, Sep 2012
Contributed talk, 8th National Conference on soft matter and bio-materials, Guiyang, Aug 2012
Contributed talk, 7th National Conference on soft matter and bio-materials, Xi’an, Aug 2010
Teaching Courses:
2009- General Physics (bilingual), School of Physics, BIT
1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2015-2018
2. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2012-2014
3. Excellent Young Scholars Research Fund of the Beijing Institute of Technology, 2012-2013
4. The Project Sponsored by the Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Oversee Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry. 2011-2013
Release date:2015-10-27