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Wenyong Su

Name:                    Wenyong Su

Sex:                       Male        

Date of Birth:         Jan.6, 1969

Place of Birth:        Luan Cheng County, Hebei Province, P. R. China

Marital Status:       Married

Health:                   Excellent

Address:                School of Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology,  Beijing     100081, P R China

Telephone:            +86-10-68914027, 13621178290  

E-mail:                   suwy@bit.edu.cn


1998-2002  Ph. D. student majored in Physical Chemistry in the School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Beijing Institute of Technology
1990-1993 Master of Condensed Matter Physics in Institute of Material Science, Jilin University
1986-1990 Bachelor of Physics in the Department of Physics, Northeastern University.

2010             Visiting University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK 
2004-2006  Visiting Researcher in Department of Theoretical Chemistry, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
1993-Present Teaching in the Applied Physics Department of Beijing Institute of Technology.

My  major research  interest is nano electronics, which is using the first principle to study electron transport characteristics in nano devices. We develop a generalized quantum chemical approach based on Green’s function scattering theory and apply to two- and three-terminal molecular devices. The application on Perylene tetracarboxylic diimide(PTCDI) molecular device gets three orders gate voltage effect which is consistent well with the experiment, and the result is published on Nano Letters. Now we apply our scheme to defects and adulteration affection in different length graphene nano ribbons under different tensions, we hope it will be helpful to graphene devices design. I am also interested in the interaction between laser and materials, especially the laser regulation on graphene electron transportations.
 Fund: As the main participant obtain Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC No.11374033) in 2013, “the first principle research on new materials of the topological insulators and surface property study”
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Release date:2015-10-27