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Qing Zhao

Qing Zhao, Professor, PhD supervisor, E-mail: qzhaoyuping@bit.edu.cn

Sept. 2004– Present, Beijing Institute of Technology,
Oct. 2001–Oct. 2003, Study on Surface Physics as a Post doctor, Univ. of California, Riverside;
July, 1997–Jul. 2001, PhD in surface Physics, The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong,;
Sept, 1990–Jul. 1993, Maser Degree in Material science, Tsinghua Univ..

Research Field:
Compressive Sensing (CS) Theory and Application:
CS Applications in Quantum Tomography, Quantum Entanglement state for Multi-photons, Single photon detection, CS quantum imaging;
Weak signal detection:
Quantum detection and CS application, Equipment of time-resolved Single photon imagining and Spectrum;
High resolution infrared night vision imaging;
Ultra-sensitive telescope ;
Propagation of electromagnetic wave in complex medium;
Protein structure Calculation.

Part of Publications
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Release date:2015-10-27