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Chenglin Heng


Chenglin Heng



School and Department

School of Physics



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Room 0711,Central Teaching Building                        

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Education Background and Working Experience

1990.9-1994.6 Bachelor,Department of Physics, Suzhou University

1994.9-1997.6 Master, School of Physics and Technology, Suzhou University

1997.9-2000.6 Doctor, Department of Physics, Peking University
2000.9-2002.9 Postdoc. Singapore-MIT Alliance, National University of Singapore, Singapore

2003.3-2005.7 Postdoc. Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway

2006.2-2008.4 Postdoc. Department of Engineering Physics, School of Engineering, McMaster Univ. Canada

2008.12-      Lecturer, School of Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology



Research Interests

Si-based light emission Rare earths emissions, Memory devices based on nano-scale semiconductor, ZnO and Graphene Oxide and applications 


Selected Publications and Research Projects

Selected Publications:
1. H. -C. Wu, M. Abid, Y .-C. Wu, C. Ó. Coileáin, A. Syrlybekov, J. F. Han, C. L. Heng, H. J. Liu, M. Abid, I. Shvets, "Enhanced Shubnikov-de Hass Oscillation in Nitrogen-Doped Graphene", ACS Nano  9, 7207 (2015)."
2. A. Syrlybekov, H.-C. Wu, O. Mauit, Y.-C. Wu, P. Maguire, A. Khalid, C. Ó Coileáin, L. Farrell, C. L. Heng, M. Abid, H. J. Liu, H.-Z. Zhang, I. V. Shvets, "Electrical-field-driven metal-insulator transition tuned with self-aligned atomic defects", Nanoscale 7, 14055 (2015),
3. Z. Han, X. H. Wang, C. L. Heng, Q. S. Han, S. F. Cai, J. Y. Li, C. Qi, W. Liang, R. Yang, and C. Wang, "Synergistically enhanced photocatalytic and chemotherapeutic effects of aptamer-functionalized ZnO nanoparticles towards cancer cells", Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2015, 17, 21576.
4. C.L. Heng, J. T. Li, W. Y. Su, P. G. Yin and T. G. Finstad, "The photoluminescence and structural properties of (Ce, Yb) co-doped silicon oxides after high temperature annealing", J. Appl. Phys. 117, 043101 (2015).
5. C. L. Heng, J. T. Li, W. Y. Su, Z. Han, P. G. Yin, T. G. Finstad, "The formation of Yb silicates and its luminescence in Yb heavily doped silicon oxides after high temperature annealing", Optical Materials 42 (2015) 17-23.
6. C.L. Heng, W.Y. Su, Q. W. Zhang, X. Q. Ren, P. G. Yin, H. P. Pan, S. D. Yao and T. G. Finstad, “The photoluminescence from (Eu, Yb) co-doped silicon-rich oxides, J. Luminescence 154, 339 (2014).
7. C. L. Heng, J.T.  Li, Z. Han and P. G. Yin, “An Abnormal Photoluminescence Enhancement in (Eu, Yb) Co-doped SiO2 Thin Film”, Integrated Ferroelectrics, Vol. 151, 179-186, 2014.
8. Zhang Xiao, Yang Rong, Wang Chen, Heng Chenglin, "Cell Biocompatibility of Functionalized Graphene Oxide", Acta Phys Chim Sin, 28 (06): 1520-1524 (2012).
9. Jing Li,Othman Zalloum,Tyler Roschuk, Chenglin Heng, Jacek Wojcik, and Peter Mascher, “ The formation of light emitting cerium silicates in cerium-doped silicon oxides", Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 011112 (2009).
10. C. L. Heng, E. Chelomentsev, Z. L. Peng, P. Mascher, and P. J. Simpson, "Photoluminescence and positron annihilation spectroscopy investigation on (Er, Ge) co-doped Si oxides deposited by magnetron sputtering", J. Appl. Phys. 105, 014312 (2009).
11. C.L. Heng, O. H. Y. Zalloum, E. Chelomentsev, J. Wojcik and P. Mascher, "The photoluminescence from Er-doped Si-rich Si oxides deposited by magnetron sputtering in an Ar or Ar+H2 plasma", J. Vacuum Science & Technology A,Vol. 27, 101-108, 2009.
12. J. Li, O. H. Y. Zalloum, T. Roschuk, C. L. Heng, J,Wojcik, and P. Mascher, "Light emission from rare earth doped Si nanostructures" (invited paper), Adv. Opt. Technol. 2008, 295601 (2008).
13. C.L. Heng, O.H. Y. Zalloum, J. Wojcik T. Roschuk, and P. Mascher, "On the effects of double-step annealing processes to control light emission from Er-doped Si-rich Si oxide ", J. Appl. Phys. 103, 024309, 2008. 
14. J. Mayandi, T.G. Finstad, C.L. Heng, S. Foss, H. Klette, ”Infrared electroluminescence from a Si MOS structure with Ge in the oxide", J. LUMINESCENCE, 127, 362-366, 2007.
15. C.L. Heng, O.H. Y. Zalloum, T. Roschuk, D. Blakie, J. Wojcik and P. Mascher, "Photoluminescence studies for an Er-doped Si-rich SiOx film: effects of annealing gas ambients and double-step processes", Electrochemistry and Solid-State Letters, Vol. 10, K20-K23, 2007.
16. C.L. Heng, Y.J. Li, J. Mayandi, T.G. Finstad, S. Jørgensen, A.E. Gunnæs, P. Storås, A. Olsen, ”A study on the precipitation of Ge-rich nano-particles in a luminescent (Er, Ge) co-doped SiO2 film sputtered with Ar+O2 plasma”, International journal of Nanoscience, 5 (4-5) 493, 2006.
17. C.L. Heng, T.G. Finstad, P. Storås, A.E. Gunnæs, and Y.J. Li, ”Ge nanoparticle formation and photoluminescence in Er doped SiO2 films: influence of sputter gas and annealing”, Microelectronics Journal, vol. 36 (3-6) 531-535, 2005.
18. C.L. Heng, T.G. Finstad, P. Storås, A.E. Gunnæs, Y.J. Li and O. Nilsen, “Photoluminescence properties from Er-doped germanium rich SiO2 film”, APPL PHYS LETT 85 (19): 4475-4477 NOV 8, 2004.
19. C.L. Heng, and T.G. Finstad, “Electrical characteristics of a mental-insulator-semiconductor memory structure containing germanium nanocrystals”, PHYSICA E, Vol. 26 (1-4): 386-390, 2005.
20. C.L. Heng, Y.J. Liu, A.T.S. Wee, and T.G. Finstad, “The formation of Ge nanocrystals in a metal-insulator-semiconductor structure and its memory effect”, J CRYSTAL GROWTH, 262 (1-4): 95-104, 2004.
21. C.L. Heng, W.W. Tjiu, and T.G. Finstad, “Charge storage effects in a metal-insulator-semiconductor structure containing germanium nanocrystals fabricated by rapid thermal annealing of an electron-beam evaporated germanium layer”, APPLIED PHYSICS A: Materials Science & Processing, rapid communication, Vol. 78, 1181-1186, 2004.
22. C. L. Heng, L. W. Teo, Vincent Ho, M. S. Tay, Y. Lei, W. K. Choi and W. K. Chim, “Effects of rapid thermal annealing time and ambient temperature on the charge storage capability of SiO2/pure Ge/rapid thermal oxide memory structure”, Microelectronic engineering, Volume 66, Issues 1-4, Pages 218-223, April 2003.
23. L.W. Teo, W.K. Choi, W.K. Chim, V. Ho, M.S. Tay, C.L. Heng, Y. Lei, D.A. Antoniadis, and E.A. Fitzgerald, “Size control and charge storage mechanism of germanium nanocrystals in a metal-insulator-semiconductor structure”, APPL PHYS LETT 81 (19): 3639-3641 NOV 4 2002.
24. Choi WK, Chim WK, Heng CL, et al. ”Observation of memory effect in germanium nanocrystals embedded in an amorphous silicon oxide matrix of a metal-insulator-semiconductor structure”, APPL PHYS LETT 80 (11): 2014-2016 MAR 18 2002.
25. Heng CL, Chen Y, Ma ZC, et al. “Electroluminescence from semitransparent Au film/SiO2/(amorphous-Si/SiO2) superlattice/p-Si structure”, J APPL PHYS 89 (10): 5682-5686 MAY 15 2001.
26. Heng CL, Sun YK, Wang ST, et al. ”Electroluminescence from semitransparent au film/nanometer SiO2/nanometer Si/nanometer SiO2/n(+)-Si structure under reverse bias”, APPL PHYS LETT 77 (10): 1416-1418 SEP 4 2000.
27. You LP, Heng CL, Ma SY, et al. ” Precipitation and crystallization of nanometer Si clusters in annealed Si-rich SiO2 films”, J CRYST GROWTH 212 (1-2): 109-114 APR 2000.
28. Qin GG, Heng CL, Bai GF, et al. ”Electroluminescence from Au/(nanoscale Ge/nanoscale SiO2) superlattices/p-Si”, APPL PHYS LETT 75 (23): 3629-3631 DEC 6 1999.
29. Heng CL, Zhang BR, Qiao YP, et al. "Influences of thicknesses of SiO2 layers on electroluminescence from amorphous Si/SiO2 superlattices”, PHYSICA B 270 (1-2): 104-109 OCT 1999.

Research grants:
1. “Preparation of doped Si nanocrystals and its light emissions”, Heng et al, Fundamental research of School (2009, 2011 and 2012)
2. “Study on the preparation of doped Si nanocrystals and its luminescence”, The Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry.(2010-2011)
3. “Study on the luminescence from Rare-earth ions doped Si-based nanoscale semiconductor”, Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education, State Education Ministry  (2012-2013)

Prizes and Honors

Advanced individual of “San Yu Ren” (2013 year, School-grade honor)



Release date:2015-10-27