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President Face to Face

To help the 2015 freshmen finish the changing roles as soon as possible, and to determine the development goals, School of Physics, combined with "First-year implementation plan" especially  invited Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dean of School of Physics Molin Ge Sir to go to Beijing Institute of Technology in Liangxiang District so as to communicate with the undergraduate students, and to do the report entitled "Physics is not stereotyped" on November 3th. There were vice president and party secretary of Physics department-Yanbo Yang teacher, and the director of the Physics department office-Yuan Yao teacher and also the 2013,2014,2015-grade undergraduate students participating in the activities.

The seminar is organized by the party secretary, deputy dean of School of Physics teacher-Yanbo Yang and reported by the Physics department current Dean- academician Molin Ge. In nonacademic and plain language, he lead us to summarize the development of physics in each area during the nearly three hundred years and combined his decades of research experiences to show everyone the future development trends in various fields of physics. During the speech, academician Ge often exemplified some fairly representative of the people and things as an illustration in order to deepen everyone's understanding. The entire report was both serious and lively, and no lack of rigor, finally won the students’applause all the time.

After the lecture, students put forward their own doubts on the various aspects, such as the studies, personal development, and their life, academician Ge answered their questions one by one. The "president face to face" communication activity on the one hand allows the freshmen to see the great achievements of authority, on the other hand inspires everyone the strong desire for physical science knowledge, and also enhances the new students’ enthusiasm and loving of the physics department. To sum up, this lecture achieves good results.

It is basic, holistic and comprehensive to carry out the first year in college ’ work which plays a key role in freshmen in order to achieve a good start and to take a good life path. Adhering to the "small school, big family" concept, School of Physics, took the warm heart humane care in freshmen education, which intended to allow each student to have a qualified learning environment and a warm living atmosphere. Although series of activities in freshmen education have been ended, follow-up tasks of first-grade project are still methodically being carried out. Next, we will continue to carry out academic, upbringing, health and legal education, and care and love related education. In continuous efforts, we aim to cultivate the students to develop into elite talents with lofty ideals, intensive academic ability, strong physique, and positive attitude.

Release date:2015-07-03