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The Micronano Laboratory

Micronano Laboratory


The Micronano Laboratory in school of physics, Beijing Institute of technology was built at the end of 2010 in order to adapt to the cross disciplinary research of condensed matter physics and the related requirements, explore the change rule and novel physical properties in the nanoscale materials, and application in the field of information, energy, biology and so on. The Micronano Laboratory is located at the first and second floor of Science Building C, Liangxiang campus of Beijing Institute of technology. This Laboratory around 800 square meters includes office area, sample preparation area, micro processing area and photoelectric test area.  The laboratory has the local class 100 and overall class 1000 with a constant temperature and humidity environment, can guarantee the processing production of various kinds of micro-nano devices.


The main equipment of Micronano Laboratory is including:

Processing equipment: Vacuum contact double-sided mask alignment UV lithography system with the resolution better than 0.5μm (MA6 Photolithography System); Electron beam lithography system with the resolution better than 10 nm (EBL); Nanoimprint lithography system with the Resolution better than 50 nm (NIL).

Etching equipment: Reactive ion etching system (RIE); Microwave Plasma Asher(PVA Tepla, GIGABATCH 310M).

Growing equipment: electron beam evaporation coating machine (EB); Thermal evaporation coating machine (TE); Chemical vapor deposition system (CVD); Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition system (PECVD).

Measuring equipment: Zeiss Supra 55 Scanning electron microscope with energy Dispersive Spectrometer (SEM and EDS); Semiconductor Characterization System (Keithley 4200 scs); The film thickness measurement instrument (Ellipsometer, HORIBA Jobin Yvon Smart SE); Micro area confocal microscopic spectrum measurement system; Low temperature and strong magnetic field near field scanning microscopy system(Attocube Systems attoSNOM-); Femtosecond laser system with 250 nm to 2600 nm adjustable light source (COHERENT, LENGED ELITE F-HE).

Auxiliary equipment: Hot plate; Spin-coating and developing system; Optical microscope; Rapid Thermal Annealing system.


As a public technology platform, the Micronano Lab serves BIT research groups and other research institutes both at home and abroad, and promotes the research level of Beijing Institute of technology and China in basic physics, applied physics and micro-nano engineering area, et al. The opening operational mechanism of Micronano Laboratory will provide convenience for academic exchanges and cooperation study both inside and outside of Beijing Institute of technology.

Release date:2015-11-05