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Single-Step Synthesis of Monolithic Comb-like CdS Nanostructures with Tunable Waveguide Properties

The electronic and optical properties of semiconductor nanowires (NWs) can be tuned by engineering their size, morphology, and composition. In addition to the control over size and composition, more complex and hierarchical nanostructures such as branched (comb-like) and hyperbranched structures can be produced. The possibility to form networked nanowire architectures based on hierarchically branched nanowires has attracted considerable attention due to their potential applications for simple nanointegration of photonic and electronic devices with novel functionalities.

Recently, Prof. ruibin Liu and Prof. bingsuo Zou with their students using a simple in situ seeding chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, comb-like (branched) monolithic CdS micro/nanostructures were grown. Efficient optical coupling between the backbone and the teeth of the branched architecture is demonstrated by distributing light from an UV-laser-excited spot at one end of the backbone to all branch tips. By varying the deposition conditions, the orientation of the branches with respect to the backbone, their size and density can be tuned as well as the size of the backbone. This in situ seeding CVD method has the potential for a low-cost single-step fabrication of high-quality, micro/nanointegrated photonic devices, with tunable complex waveguiding possibilities.

Their work demonstrate the geometric characteristics of the trunk−branches including the diameters of branch and trunk, spacings between the branches, and the angles between trunk and branch can be tuned by adjusting the growth process parameters. We anticipate that these CdS comb-like arrays can be used as cost effective building blocks for electronic and optical devices, since many complicated steps involving the connection of nano- and microwires could be eliminated. The high-crystalline nature and the control over the geometry of this structure should provide an improved functionality for micro/nanoscale optical sensing, lighting, and communications



Release date:2015-11-17