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Postgraduate Program


Zhi Wang


Zhi Wang


School and Department

School of Physics


Associate Professor

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Room 724, Central Teaching Building

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Education Background
and Working Experience

l  Since Jun. 2008, School of Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology. Teacher,
Associate Professor

l  2005-2008, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, Postdoctoral

l  2002-2005, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, PhD in Science

l  1999-2002, Southwestern Institute of Physics, Master in Engineering

l  1995-1999, Liaocheng University, Bachelor.  

Research Interests

Growth Mechanism of Thin films

Physics and Application of Low-dimensional materials/devices  

Selected Publications
and Research Projects

Selected publications in recent years

l  Yuan Liang, Zhi Wang,* Jiao Huang, Huhu Cheng, Fei Zhao, Yue Hu, Lan
Jiang and Liangti Qu*, Series of in-fiber graphene supercapacitors for
flexible wearable devices, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 3, pp2547
–2551, 2015

l  Yong Liu, Haonan Liu, Yang Yu, Qing Wang, Yinglan Li, Zhi Wang*,
Structural and optical properties of Zn Othin films with heavy Cu-doping
prepared by magnetron co-sputtering, Materials Letters 143, pp319–321,

l  Haonan Liu, Huiping Lu, Linao Zhang, Zhi Wang*, Orientation selection in
MgO thin films prepared by ion-beam-deposition without oxygen gas
present,Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 360, pp60
–63, 2015

l  Jia Liu, Zhi Wang, Yang Zhao, Huhu Cheng, Chuangang Hu, Lan Jiang, and
LiangtiQu*, Three-dimensional Graphene/polypyrrole
Hybrid Electrochemical Actuator, Nanoscale, 4(23), pp7563-7569, 2012.

l  Jia Liu, Zhi Wang*, Xuejun Xie, Huhu Cheng, Yang Zhao, and Liangti Qu*,
A rationally-designed synergetic polypyrrole/graphene bilayer actuator,
Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22(10), pp4015-4020, 2012.

l  Z. Wang*, Z. J. Zhao, F. Feng, B. J. Yan, K. Shi, Y. L. Li, Z. T. Jiang, and Z.
Han, An orientation competition in YSZ thin films fabricated by ion beam
assisted sputtering deposition, Thin Solid Films, 520 (3), pp1115-1118,

l  Z. Wang*, F. Feng, Z.J. Zhao, B.J. Yan, Y.L. Li, Z. T. Jiang. H. Chen, K. Shi,
Z. Han, Effects of assisting and sputtering ion current on ion beam assisted
deposition textured YSZ buffer layers of coated conductors, Applied
Surface Science
, 257(5), pp1769-1773, 2010.

l  Z. Wang*, K. Shi, H. Chen, F. Feng, J. C. Sun, and Z. Han, Effects of ion
energy on ion beam assisted deposition textured YSZ buffer layers of
coated conductors, Thin Solid Films, 517(6)
pp2044-2047, 2009.

l  Z. J. Zhao, Z. Wang*, H. P. Lu, Y. L. Li, F. Feng, K. Shi, and Z. Han, Effects
of arrival ratio and inclined angle on the orientation competition in ion
beam assisting deposited YSZ thin films, Physica C,  473 (1), pp57-60,

l  F. Feng, K. Shi, Y. Y. Zhang, S. Z. Xiao, Z. Wang*, Z. J. Zhao, J. J. Wei, and
Z. Han, Fractal analysis and atomic force microscopy measurements of
surface roughness for Hastelloy C276 substrates and amorphous alumina
buffer layers in coated conductors, Applied Surface Science, 258 (8),
pp3502-3508, 2012 

l  Z. Wang*, B.J. Yan, F. Feng, H. Chen, K. Shi, Z. Han, A competition
between (001) and (011) alignments in YSZ thin films fabricated by ion
beam assisted deposition, Physica C, 470 (15-16), pp622-625, 2010.

Current Research Projects:

1. A Study on the mechanism of alignment competition of buffer layer of coated
conductor fabricated by IBAD, 2011.1-2013.12, Nation Nature Science
Foundation of China, No. 51002010.



Release date:2015-10-27