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Discipline Structure

Discipline Structure

  The school sets two disciplines: Information and Communication Engineering (National Key Discipline, Primary Discipline Doctoral Program, Mobile Postdoctoral Station), Electronic Science and Technology (Beijing City Key Disciplines, Primary Discipline Doctoral Program, Mobile Postdoctoral Station); and 10 sub-disciplines(see Figure 3), including two Major National Defence Discipline: Communications and Information System, Signal and Information Processing.



  The school now has 4 undergraduate disciplines: Electronic and Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Information Countermeasure Technology, Electronic Science and Technology. The Electronic and Information Engineering Major is listed as Beijing City Major Discipline, and is selected in the Excellent Engineers Education and Training Program; The Communication Engineering Major is listed as National Defence Major Discipline; The Information Confrontation Technology Major is listed as Ministry of Education's Major Discipline, National Defence Major Discipline, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's Primary Discipline, and Beijing City Major Discipline.

  The school set Electronic Information Category undergraduate experimental class in 1994, which is the first education reform experimental class in the university. The class adopts specialized training programmes and teaching plans, so as to build unified management and specialized training.

  (1)Information and Communication Engineering Discipline Construction

  The school now have 4 National Key Disciplines, 5 National Key Sub-Disciplines, 3 National Key (Supplemental) Disciplines, 24 National Defence Major Disciplines, 5 Beijing City Primary Disciplines, 2 Beijing City Primary Sub-Disciplines, 2 Beijing City Primary Interdisciplines, 22 Doctorate Authorization Disciplines, 91 Doctoral Programmes, 38 Masterate Authorization Disciplines, 183 Master Programmes, 11 Professional Degree Authorization Disciplines. The disciplines distribution forms a state of "Science and Engineering take lead, and develop coordinately together with Arts".

  (2)Electronic Science and Technology Discipline Construction



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