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Registration notice for the joint training program with National University of Singapore in 2016

  Electric and computer engineering department of National University of Singapore and School of Information and Electronic of BIT reached the intention of cooperation, jointly improving the 3+1+1 mode cooperative education, it is planned to be implemented in 2016.

  The first group of students will be selected from the Grade 2013 students of the departments of Electrical & Information Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Communication Engineering. Refer to the annex for the project introduction and registration form. Students with the willingness to attend, please fill in the registration form before June 14th, 2016, attach relevant certification materials and submit them to Zou Xiaona at Education Office of the institute (Room 213, 10# Teaching Building).

  For specific conditions, please consult the project contact person assigned by the institute: Jin Cheng, Tel: 010-68918294, Email:jincheng@bit.edu.cn.

Release date:2017-03-01