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A registration notice for summer camp team for excellent university students, 2016, School of Information and Electronics, BIT

  To improve the learning and exchange between students from all universities, School of Information and Electronics, BIT will hold summer camp activities for national university students on information and electronics to provide a wide exchange and communication platform for students in the summer holidays of 2016 (from July 25th to July 27th), to activate students' enthusiasm for information and electric science, improve the fun of scientific research, train the experimental and hands-on ability, expand the innovation thinking, also students will be given more opportunities to understand School of Information and Electronics, BIT, the 2017 graduates of main majors having the intention to register for master degree examination of our institute are welcome to participate. Summer camp in this year, several "excellent camp members" will be selected, students granted as "excellent camp member" will enjoy relevant beneficial policies of postgraduate enrollment.


  A brief introduction of School of Information and Electronics, BIT:

  BIT belongs to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is a national key university mainly focusing on science and engineering, with balanced development of engineering, science, management, arts, a university mainly constructed by the nation since the foundation of New China, it is one of the first universities to set graduate schools, enter the "211 Project" and "985 Project". BIT is the first university of science and technology founded by CPC, its former was the Yanan Academy of Natural Sciences, Li Fuchun, Xu Teli and Li Qiang and other veteran proletarian revolutionaries had successfully served as main leaders of the university.

  The former of School of Information and Electronics, BIT was Electronic Engineering Department of Beijing Institute of Technology, the majors were established in 1953 and the department was founded in 1956. There were first level discipline and national key discipline - information and communication engineering and first level discipline and key discipline of Beijing - electric science and technology. Among these, the two majors of electric science and technology, communication engineering have respectively passed the national engineering education professional certification in 2012, the electric information engineering major has passed national engineering education professional certification in 2013. There were abundant qualified teachers in the institute, with about two hundred teaching staff, including 28 professors (senior professional title) (including 2 academicians of CAS and CAE), there are 1 national level famous teacher, 3 famous teachers at city level of Beijing, 38 PhD tutors, the school has a strong research power, with wide coverage of scientific research and high potential of applications, the average annual scientific research cost is 200 million yuan. Since 1981, the school has obtained 12 National Invention Awards, 60 Science and Technology Progress Awards of the nation and ministry, in 2013, Wu Siling, a responsibility professor of the signal and information treatment discipline of our institute was awarded with first prize of National Technology Invention. Teaching experiment of the institute is good, established with a national experimental teaching demonstration center -Electrical and Electronic Experiment Center, Electronic Information Technology of Satellite Navigation - key laboratory of Ministry of Education - , Multi Information System national defense key subject laboratory, Signal Collection and Treatment national key subject professional laboratory, Embedded Real-time Information Processing Technology key laboratory of Beijing, Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Technology key laboratory of Beijing, Fractional Domain Signal and System  key laboratory of Beijing, Silicon Based High-speed Chip System Beijing engineering technology research center, two university-level experimental teaching demonstration centers of Information Systems and Security Countermeasures Laboratory and Electronic Information Technology Experiment Center and several joint laboratories of school and enterprise, providing strong support and guarantee for innovation education and scientific research.

  In the recent years, through the wide exchange and communication between the institute and about 10 universities in UAS, Britain, Canada, Swede, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions and many research institutes and enterprises, we have fruitful and friendly cooperation on academic exchange, talent cultivation, teacher training, science research and other aspects.

  1.Application conditions

  40 camp members are planned to be enrolled in this summer camp (including 20 on information and communication engineering, 20 on electric science and technology), they will be enrolled on the basis of competitive selection.

  1.Subjects: 2013 undergraduates not from BIT majored in Information and Communication Engineering, Electric Science and Technology from "985 project" or "211 project" universities. (2017 graduates)

  2.Academic requirements: academic performance ranked top 30% in the corresponding majors in "985 project" universities and top 10% in the corresponding majors in "211 project" universities, with no failing subjects.

  3.Students who have published articles on first grade academic journals or scientific research achievement awards, or winner in national major competitions are preferred.

  4.Students who have reached 425 or higher in CET-6.

  5.Physical conditions: good health.


  2. Application materials

  1.Fill in Annex One Summer Camp 2016 Application Form of School of Information and Electrics of BIT, and submit scanned copies of Student ID card and ID cards.

  2.Institutes of the applicants shall give clear indication addressing whether the information in the result ranking columns on the Application Form filled by applicants are true, and there should be stamps of the dean's office or institute and department.  

  3.Submit a copy of transcript with stamp of the dean's office, and certification materials of English level.

  4.A copy of academic performance proof shall have signature of the person in charge and stamp.

  5.Submit a personal resume.

  6.Other certification materials (for example: materials proving the submitted articles, scanned copies of the award certificates.)  


  3. Application process:

  1.Please send the electric and scanned copies of the application materials including the scanned copy of Annex Summer Camp 2016 Application Form of School of Information and Electrics of BIT with stamp, electric copy of resume, scanned copies of Students' ID and ID cards (front and back), scanned copy of transcripts with stamp, English level proof materials, scanned materials for academic performance proof, scanned copy of other certification materials send to bitxinxi2016@126.com.

  2.Registration deadline is July 4th, please send the application materials to the specified email before 18.00 p.m. on July 4th, the overdue applications will be invalid.

  3.Summer camp organizing committee will review the admittance results in early July, 2016, and inform the admitted students via SMS or email.


  4. Relevant instructions:

  1.The admitted students shall take all the paper copies of all application materials for due registration.

  2.The admitted students shall book return tickets on their own in advance, the hosting part does not provide ticket booking service.

  3.During the summer camp period, all the camp members shall not leave the campus without permission.

  4.Free food and accommodation are not provided in this summer camp.

  5.Refer to Annex 2 for detailed activity arrangement of this summer camp.


  Tel: 010-68913887    

  Contact: Mr. Li

Release date:2017-03-01