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"School fellows' yearly return to school" activity of the School of Information and Electronics, BIT was successfully completed

  On Sep 24th, 2016, at the time of school fellows yearly return to school" activity & 76th anniversary of the founding of BIT, School of Information and Electronics welcomes school fellows who graduated in 1966, 1969, 1976, 1986, 1996 and 2000 to go back to the university, and the five departments got together happily. The institute elaborately planned and organized a series of activities, leaders, teachers and school fellows thought of the old stories together and happily discussed insights on life.

  At 9 a.m., the school fellows who graduated in 1966, 1969 held discussions respectively at Room 205 of Yuanzhi Building and the new No.10 building, An Jianping (Director of the institute), Xue Zhenghui (party secretary) attended the discussions. At the meeting, Professor An Jianping and Xue Zhenghui respectively introduced the development experience of the school for the school fellows, how it was transformed from the electronic engineering department at that time to the current School of Information and Electronics. While feeling the development and growth of the school, the school fellows also expressed the love towards their university, gratitude towards the teachers and blessings for future development of the school.



  At 1:30 p.m., all the school fellows (about 150 people) returning to the university got together at 202 lecture hall of the No. 10 building to have an exchange of teachers and students of the school, Mao Erke (an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), leaders and relevant teachers and head teachers of the school attend the exchange. Leaders and teachers of the school expressed warm welcome to school fellows from various places, showing sincere gratitude towards concern and support of the school fellows. Leaders of the school made a report for development of the school on academic development, talent cultivation, forward planning and so on. The school fellows said that in the development over the years, the five departments have always the kept spirit of rigorous scholarship and making efforts, stuck to combining the science development and national development and keeping up with the times, a great many elite talents in various from all walks of life were cultivated. A group photo was taken to mark the occasion after the meeting.



  At 2:30 p.m., a commemorative activity for the school fellows (graduated in 1976) returning to the university, Mao Erke (an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Kuang Jingming (former president of BIT), An Jianping (Director of the school) and Xue Zhenghui (party secretary of the school) attended the activity. Mao Erke (an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering) shared his experience on science research, proposing that "the present period is a golden age for us", he also expressed his wish and blessing with his own experience. With guidance of the teachers, the school fellows were impressed by the spirit of Academician Mao setting science research as the supreme ideal and also expressed the sincerest blessing. President Kuang Jingming expressed the missing towards the students and the warm welcome and wishes to school fellows. The school fellows and teachers talked about the old days and celebrated the anniversary together.

  At 3:30 p.m., a party activity for having the university for 20 years was held for school fellows who graduated in 1996 at a classroom in No.3 building. During the activity, Professor Xue Zhenghui and Shen TInghzhi recalled the 4 years in the university of school fellows who graduated in 1996 together with the students, and showed their blessing to the Grade 1996 students.



  As the time flies, love towards the university and the teachers still remain the same; with several decades, feeling towards life and ideal is deeper. As students of the five departments, all the school fellows think of the spirit of five departments, they do not live to expectations of their teachers and university. Also, the school also expects the school fellows to go back to the university more often and next reunion.

Release date:2017-03-01