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The mid-term moral education defense of Class 05111432

  On November 3rd, class 05111432 from School of Information and Electronics carried out the mid-term moral education defense in the information teaching building, room 5004. Some teachers and students attended this defense, including the counselor of grade 2014 Wang Runyi, head teacher Zheng zhou, students Han Yuqi, Wang Haixin, Zhang Lujie, Liu Wenqiang and Jiang Zijie who was from School of Mechatronical Engineering. Through modeling an interview, all of the teachers listened to the students’ thoughts and then the students shared with the joy and confusion of growing up. Finally, they made recommendations and expectations for the future development of students.



  The mid-term moral defense had a distinctive feature of class 05111432, and begun with relaxed atmosphere. During the defense, the students reviewed the growth and harvest in the past two years, and summed up the existing problems and the direction of future. After that, they determined to work hard in the next two years to make the perfect end of their university studies and lives. Each student from Class two (major in Electromagnetic and Microwave) made a summary of what they had experienced in the past two years before the speech. Also, they expressed their good wish for the future and showed their personal charisma. It was impressive that the students embraced meaningful life and clear idea, and everyone had benefited a lot.



  Counselor Wang Runyi pointed out that the students had made progress in terms of ideas or personal abilities compared with the opening of moral education. She hoped that the students would establish ambitious ideals, learn from the excellent talents, pay close attention to the national development strategies, and strive to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, so that they could contribute to the development of the nation and shoulder the mission entrusted to the youth in this age.

  The head teacher Zheng Zhou stressed that this period of moral examination was the turning point of their four-year life in BIT. They should learn to awaken from a loss, make sure of objectives and work hard continuously. And also, they should continue to do introspection, correct and make clear of the objectives. Moreover, she pointed out that the training should be strengthened on the ability of expression, and the determination, perseverance and practice would make self-achievement. Anyhow, the middle period of moral education should lead to a deeper consideration of life and goals. She warned that the world was for the minded, and students should choose their own life and make it full of personal characteristics. Finally, she said that university provided a platform for practice, and hoped the students could learn to express themselves.



  The mid-term moral defense is an important link in students’ moral education, which is an important platform for students to sum up the past and look forward to the future. With the participation of school leaders, counselors and head teachers in the students’ moral defense, the relationship among cadres, teachers and students is tied up closely. Therefore, the growth path of students is effectively grasped, and also the content and form of student education are enriched. These are of great significance for students to make scientific plan for the university life and set up the ambitious ideals.

Release date:2017-03-02