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The mid-term report on moral education of Class 05111461 was successfully held

  In the morning of November 1st, 2016, class 05111461 from School of Information and Electronics made a medium-term report on moral education as scheduled in the information technology laboratory building, room 205. Some guests were invited to this report meeting, including Long Teng, the assistant to the president of BIT; Xu Jian, the vice president and deputy secretary of School of Information and Electronics; Gao Xuanyi, the head teacher of class 05111461; Wang Runyi, the undergraduate counselor of grade 2014; Han Yuqi, the moral education mentor of class 05111461.



  This report meeting, with semi-structured interview form, lasted for four hours and achieved a complete success.



  At 8 am, since everyone was in attendance, the monitor Yu Zengyu introduced the guests and announced that the mid-term moral education report started. And then, the students did their own self-introduction in order. In this process, the students made their personal statement from different angles and forms. Everyone was trying to do their best self-introduction, which including name, age, award-winning situation, personal ability, practice experience, goals and plans for future.

  After each student did the self-introduction, the judges proposed some questions to the students based on their personal resume and personal information filled before the report. The questions included, for example, How to improve your personal ability, Whether you know well about studying abroad by recommendation or examination, What efforts you should make in order to fulfill your goals, Introduce your own exchange experience abroad, Talk about what is the difference in the management of students at home and abroad, Whether you have prepared for studying abroad or taking part in the postgraduate entrance examination, What do you think of the class management and so on. Although the questions varied, the students answered those questions one by one. In addition, the judges pointed out the problems among the interview process and provided some suggestions, including one’s appearance and dress, behavior, communication and other aspects. Some students who wanted to publish papers also exchanged their ideas with the mentor of moral education.



  Long Teng stressed that the contemporary college students were lack of innovative awareness and hoped that the students would achieve excellence and do their best no matter what he did and the results would be. Besides, once you made sure of your objectives, you must turn the words into practice in order to achieve final success. In a word, a solid foundation determined your future life.



  In the end, Han qiyu(the mentor and senior of moral education), Wang Runyi(the students’ counselor) and Gao Xuanyi (the head teacher of moral education class) made summaries in turn. Han pointed out that the curriculum of junior year was relatively important, and the students should spend more time on learning. Wang said the students should stand on a certain height to consider personal development. Gao stressed that college life was the best memories, as long as you worked hard in the university, you would certainly gain a lot. Finally, mid-term moral education report meeting of class 05111461 came to a successful end and they took photos for memory.

Release date:2017-03-02