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Mid-term moral education of class 05211401 was successfully held

  On November 6th, class 05211401 from School of Information and Electronics made a medium-term report on moral education in the information technology laboratory building, room 202. The persons who attended this defense included An Jianping, the dean of school of Information and Electronics; Zhang Feng, the head teacher; Wang Runyi, the tutor; Niu Jie, the mentor of moral education; Cheng Kun, postgraduate student from grade 2016, majoring in medical image processing; Nie Ping, from grade 2013, majoring in information engineering; Song Jingyu, from grade 2013, majoring in communication engineering; Li Yaodong, from grade 2013, majoring in information countermeasure. This meeting was presided over by Chen Shaolong, who was the monitor of class 05211401.

  At 11:30 pm, the class committees came to the classroom in advance by two hours to make equipment debugging and material preparation.

  The defense begun at 1:30 pm, and the moderator Chen Shaolong extended his gratitude for the arrival of the judges and made introduction of them. And then, he illustrated the situation of awards, achievements, class construction in the second year and the goals of classes in the next year. Also, He detailed the process of defense, the order of students’ appearance and the scoring criteria.



  Afterwards, the students made their defenses in accordance with the order of student number, and the meeting was held in the form of semi-structured interviews. The students briefly introduced their own experiences and changes over the past two years, and then put forward their own future goals.

  After each student made the defense, the judges came up with some suggestions based on their registration form of the mid-term examination on moral education, simulated resumes and performance on the stage. Even more, some judges provided good suggestions for the students' postgraduate entrance examination, future goals and learning methods. The students also orderly answered the questions and humbly accepted the recommendations of the judges.



  After the defense, the head teacher made a summary. He affirmed the performance of each student and came up with two requirements: First, he hoped the students would make clear of their goals and strive to forge ahead; Second, he hoped the students could keep down to earth and study hard. Finally, he wished all students have a bright future.

  And then, the counselor made a statement. She commended the class committees for their good jobs and the class performance, and hoped that the students could maintain the present state and make persistent efforts. As for the class committee's work, she put forward two requirements: First, she hoped the class committee would work carefully and made the class better; secondly, she hoped that the class committees would balance the relationship between study and work.



  At the end of the debate, An, the dean of school of Information and Electronics, delivered a speech and expressed his expectation, as well welcomed everyone to the Institute of Communication to further their study.



  Finally, Chen ShaoLong announced the mid-term moral education defense of class 05211401 came to a successful end. It was not only a test of university life, but also allowed the students to make clear of their own goals. He believed that they would have a wonderful life in the rest two years of university, and also would realize their dream planted on the fertile soil of BIT.

Release date:2017-03-02