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The mid-term moral education defense of class 05211402 came to a perfect end



  On November, 29th, 2016, Class 05211402 successfully held the mid-term moral education defense activities in the information science laboratory building.

  The head teacher Zhang Yan, teacher Chen Shuoying, Yin Ruirui from grade 2013, Liu Chengran, Hong Tao, Pan Yanchen, Wang Haizhou and members of class 05211402 attended this defense.



  At 8 am, the defense meeting begun with the achievements and memory of class 2 in the past two years, and was held in the Information Building, Room 205. According to the student number, each student summarized their gains in terms of their own development in the past two years and made different planning for the next two years or even longer.

  For their own development, the students looked back on their dreams set up at the beginning of the moral education and recalled everything when they pursued their dreams which might be full of joy or sadness, such as student work, academic competition, science and technology innovation, cultural activities, etc. . It was the 28 students, each of whom had different emphasis and specialty, formed the class 2 of communication engineering which was positive and progressive.

  Looking from the process of defense, there were worries about the future of their studies, complaints about the quality of life and confusion of the future after graduation, but more of them had fearless spirit facing the challenges of future. In addition, at the same time, the teachers and seniors who were invited to make comments also had the curriculum vitae of each student and their simple plans for the future, which were convenient for the records and comments, thus the judges could put forward their own views and recommendations.

  Jin Yan, Lin Kun and Yang Mingjun, who were good at music, had taken part in lots of performances and contests with extraordinary talents; Wu Da, who could digest the dance from Korean opa very well, left us a deep impression when he indulged in dance during the sports meeting; Cao Zhe, Xu Sicheng, Zhang Zekun, Zhou Yuxuan, who were excellent in contests, made the others admire very much for their various awards ; Xiao Yu, who loved tennis; Lei Wenwen, who persisted in running 6KM everyday in order to lose weight; Tao Ying, who was good at sports and study; Fu Jiamei, who was the curve wrecker, had firm goal; Cao Wenyue .... There were many excellent students, and it was too numerous to mention. This was the wealth BIT had given us, and the wealth of class 2 of communication engeering.

  After the defense of all the students, teacher Chen Shuoying and head teacher Zhang Yan made final conclusion respectively.



  Teacher Chen said that the defense of the students reminded him of the daily life with his roommates when he was a college student. By talking about his own experience since university, he wanted to tell the students that the people around you were the most valuable treasure. The future was unknown and full of opportunities and challenges.



  Teacher Zhang said what you learned might not be practical in the society, but the learning method was the most valuable. After leaving the university, no one would force you to learn and helped you to learn for free. Whatever, learning is a lifetime thing.

  At the end of the defense, all the students expressed their thanks again to the head teacher Zhang Yan, teacher Chen Shuo Ying, Yin Ruirui from grade 2013, Liu Chengran, Hong Tao, Pan Yanchen, seniors Wang Haizhou for their participation in this meeting. All of the students showed that they would cherish the remaining days in the university and wouldn’t forget the very beginning of mind, and move forward.

  The future is full of challenges and opportunities, but all of the students from class 2 of communication engineering would always face them together.

Release date:2017-03-02