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Moral Education Defense of Class 05941401

  On the afternoon of November 1st, the whole class of electronic and information grade 2014 of the School of Information and Electronics held a mid-term defence report of moral education in the room 205 of building 10. The little instructor Ning Liyue and student representatives of electronic and information grade 2014 were also invited to this report, which was anchored by Tian Yuanzhe and Zhang Ziqian.

  First of all, we introduced the leaders present, and then a video recalled us the two years’ memory of freshman and sophomore.



  Then, the students began to make speeches besed on our topic. The reply report was a semi-structured interview and the class was divided into two groups --- job interviews and enterprises and postgraduate recommendation interview. We talked about the experience in these two years and performed gracefully and generously.

  The instructor drew a conclusion after the speeches, which led to an end of this report. It was also a turning point in our four years of college life.

  We should learn from loss; clear objectives and make continuous efforts. We should do self-reflection and goal-correction and strengthed the expression ability to realize our dreams and self-achievement. What’s more, it gives us a deeper level of thinking about our life and goals. The world belongs to the one with high aspirations and determination. We should make improvement and have our own ways of life. BIT gives us a platform for us to express ourselves.

  The applause witnessed the success of our report. Through this opportunity, we shared the experience and feelings; clear our goals and determination; understand self-knowledge and value of self-realization. The best wishes from our teachers motivate us explore the meaning of life.

Release date:2017-03-02