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Laboratory Open Day and Academic Class Teachers Recruitment made a full success

  On November 19th, sophomores attended Laboratory Open Day and academic class teachers recruitment activities held by our School of Information and Electronics. The theme of this activity is "Open the Door to a Profession", and more than ten laboratories of two first-level disciplines and eight second-level disciplines were opened for students to visit. At the same time, 15 well-known professors and scholars are recruited as “academic class director” for the sophomores. As a part of cognitive practices, this academic activity has become more and more traditional, and it has played a positive role to help our students especially in Liangxiang to learn and pass on the fine style of study and improve their awareness of professional knowledge. The event was also supported by Xu Teli Academy and Beijing Academy and achieved complete success.



  At 8 am, this event kicked off in the lecture hall of centre teaching building. Xu Jian, the Deputy Secretary and Vice president of the School of Information and Electronics, introduced the importance of this event,and he raised some hopes and demands for the students in their study life.



  Subsequently, sophomores paid a visit to the laboratory under the guidance of volunteers of high grade. The instructors of each research institute gave detailed introductions to the students including the aspects of research direction;  student cultivation and employment prospects. At the same time, they showed how to use the professional equipments and answered the questions.



  Academic class teachers also gave lectures, and were awarded the letter of appointment by the moniters of each class. The students and professors Long Teng, Zhong Shunan, Xue Zhenghui, Cui Wei and other professors had a cordial and friendly talk. The professors told their own scientific research experience; explained the professional knowledge in simple terms, and patiently answered the questions about the undergraduate majors and their development direction. What’s more, the academic class teachers will continue to provide professional academic guidance and help for our students.

  The activitiy carries through the aim of education, which is the idea of our the institute --- talent cultivation of fine qualities and academic ability. We will continue to carry out various forms of professional guidance education activities, with the aims of motivating our students and encourageing them to have a solid foundation.

Release date:2017-03-02