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The theme report of “recall heroic deeds,look forward to the future” made a success

  On the evening of November 1, 2016, the national superfine craftsman Gao Fenglin, who is also a national labor model; characters of The Great Craftsmen showed on CCTV and met with state leaders many times, was invited to give us a report of the theme “practice artisans spirit, fly aerospace dream”. Participants of this report are the principal assistant Hao Zhiqiang, Party Committee of Propaganda Department, Party Committee of Student Work Department, the school Communist of Youth League, and the leadership of our institute.



  Gao Fenglin is a special melting welders of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group and he is also a leader in his plant. As a skilled, attentive technician, he has won a lot of honors including access to including “the top ten craftsmen”, “national model of high-skilled personnel”, “national model worker”. Recently, Gao was interviewed by the CCTV news channel. And through this special report, we became more and more interested in his own report.



  In his report, Gao shares his experience and the significance “craftsmen spirit” of the significance and had a conversation with our students. “We should carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, then develop and expand it, as long as the people dare to think to dry, it will lead a better life.” He believes that "artisans spirit" is actually a professionalism. He also put forward his own understanding of the craftsmen spirit, that is, “love your job and make selfless contribution inwardly; stay focused and make innovation in action; keep improving and pursue the ultimate in the outcome.” In addition, he also stressed that “the quality of human products determines the quality of oneslf”. The craftsmen spirit need practicing down to earth through a process of development and improvement.

  At the same time, Gao Fenglin also expressed the ardent expectations of our BIT students. He wished that students can inherit the spirit of the Long March and the spirit of craftsmen. After years of study, we can master our professional skills and make contribution to our country in the aspect of areospace.



  In the end, the principal assistant Hao Zhiqiang send Mr.Gao school souvenirs and posters. A photo witnessed the successful holding of this event.

Release date:2017-03-02