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2017 “Lttle moral education teacher” double chosen will made a success

  On the evening of December 1st, School of Information and electronics held 2017 “Lttle moral education teacher” double chosen will to help the freshmen establish goals in their new stage of future life and find their own way. Vice-President and Deputy Secretary Xu Jian, Counselor Wang Xiaoyu, Li Zhi, Fu Mao, and all the freshmen of the college were present at the meeting.



  It began with a speech by our deputy secretary Xu Jian at 6 pm. He made an introduction of “little moral education teacher" system, he pointed out that the college always adhere to idea of “repeated and two-way selection; fine and dynamic management; close attention to it and regular evaluation”. In this way we can probably have an cxcellent ‘moral education teacher” team. Meanwhile, high-grade students can help those of low-grade ones through their abundant experience in ideological learning and study. He also encourage the “teacher” to be a good mentor and helpful friend for the low-grades by means of Internet including emails and blogs etc.



  Then, 17 candidates of little excellent “moral education teacher” stepped onto the stage and shared their learning and life experience in college. They all have enviable glory and abundant practical experience and unique thinking of life. Zhang Lujie and Shi Wenyue shared their special experience of getting up early to occupy seat. Zuo Mingqing talked about his four years of being a “literary and artistic” youth. Cheng Lin showed her picture of QQ and WeChat moments from the first college year to now, and found her really become mature. Nie Ping who has a studio shared his entrepreneurial experience. Although everyone has his specially strong piont, they all want to help to guide younger sisters and brothers who may be a future star and be the pride of BIT.



  17 candidates of little “moral education teacher” gave wonderful speeches, which touched the freshmen and really helped them position themselves and set goals.



  Finally, Li Zhi who is the counselor of those freshmen summed up and did some comments. He hoped that all the frshmen could learn from these little teachers and could have a meaningful college life.



  This double chosen will is a starting point of selecting little “moral education teacher”. And accoding to the final scores, each teacher will take charge of a class. Our School of Information and Electronics will continue to strengthen moral education as usual; adhere to the practice of this “teacher” system; give full play to the outstanding student example who can be learnt inspiration, restraint and self-education function from; make further construction and improvement to meet students’ needs of peers education and counseling system, deepen the significance and connotation of the system of “moral education”. We will also spare no efforts to provide better ideological and political education, which can improve students’ morality.

Release date:2017-03-02