“2020 SoTL-China International Conference” opened at Beijing Institute of Technology

  Beijing Institute of Technology, August 28th, 2020: On the morning of August 22, the 2020 SoTL-China International Conference hosted by Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) and co-organized by the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) opened at BIT. This is the first SoTL-China international academic conference held in China. The theme of the conference is "Teaching and Learning Academic: Global Vision & Local Practice." To conduct academic exchanges, including teaching and learning academics from an international perspective, and teaching and learning academic practices in Chinese higher education, the conference invited experts and scholars from China, the United States, Canada and other countries in the field of teaching and learning. Ren Youqun, Director of the Department of Teacher Work of the Ministry of Education, Academician Zhang Jun, President of BIT, Academician Guo Dongming, President of Dalian University of Technology, Bao Liying, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of BIT, Pan Weixian, Vice President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Foreign Chinese Scholar, Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology Zhao Juming, Professor Anthony Ciccone of the University of Wisconsin System, former chairman of ISSOTL, Ms. Michelle Yeo, current chairman of ISSOTL, and Professor Chen Xiangming from Graduate School of Education of Peking University, and many other Chinese and foreign guests attended the conference. Wang Xiaofeng, vice president of BIT, presided over the opening ceremony and the conference report.

  Zhang Jun gave a report on the topic of "Thoughts on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in the New Era ". He said that the world is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. The new technological revolution and industrial transformation are profoundly affecting the world pattern. In the post-covid-19  era, higher education must "scientifically respond and actively seek changes." As a brand-new education model, wisdom education is the expansion and extension of information education, will maximize the education effect, and is an important means to solve educational problems. Wisdom education is a revolutionary innovation in educational concepts, teaching models, and management systems supported by new technologies. It must adhere to people-oriented, provide students with a personalized growth environment, run through the entire process of student holistic education, and promote their valuable growth and valuable development of teachers. BIT aims at cultivating leading talents with “ambition, decent workmanship, innovation and tolerance, and responsibility for the times”, breaking the “procedural” teaching model, innovating education systems and mechanisms, strengthening the construction of information platforms, and building BIT’s wisdom education plan to improve the quality of talent training.

  Guo Dongming gave a report on the topic of "Classmate Friendship Training Plan for Elite Talents in Chinese and Foreign First-class Universities". The report revolves around the three questions: "What are the needs for talent training in world-class universities in the development of the world today?" "For the future of the world, how should first-class universities respond to these needs?" "How to jointly realize the ideals and missions of world-class universities?" and elaborate the road map of the "Classmate Friendship" cultivation plan for elite talents in top universities at home and abroad, and suggest that top universities at home and abroad actively create a classmate friendship atmosphere and create conditions to promote in-depth exchanges between students of both sides, such as sharing classes in the classroom, dining in the cafeteria, and living on campus for promoting the cultural identity of international students, cultivate elites from all walks of life who are familiar with the culture of the two countries in the future, and then become a new force that promotes the common development of both sides and continues friendship. At the same time, he shared the practical results of Dalian University of Technology in promoting the implementation of the "Classmate Friendship" training program.

  Ren Youqun gave a report on the title of "Deepening the Reform of the Evaluation System of College Teachers and Stimulating the Innovation and Vitality of the Teaching Staff". He emphasized insisting on reform-driven and institutional innovation, focusing on the different characteristics and actual development of college teachers, taking strengthening the construction of teacher’s morality and style as the primary task, improving professional quality and ability as the core content, and reforming the assessment and evaluation system as a strong driving force. Follow the education law and the teacher growth law, and deepen the reform of the professional title system and assessment system of college teachers. Emphasize character, ability and performance evaluation, increase the weight of building morality and cultivating , teaching and educating people in evaluation; reform and optimize teacher evaluation and evaluation system, improve evaluation methods and paths, and explore classification and hierarchical evaluation, multiple comprehensive evaluation, developmental evaluation, improve peer expert evaluation mechanism, focus on the evaluation of representative results and actual contributions; optimize and adjust evaluation indicators, reasonably set evaluation cycles, rationally use the evaluation results, and enhance the scientific, pertinence and operability of evaluation, fully mobilize teachers' enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity to implement the fundamental tasks of building morality and cultivate people.
Professor Li Ping, head of the Academic Affairs Department of BIT, presided over the keynote speech of the conference. Anthony Ciccone, professor of the University of Wisconsin System and former chairman of ISSOTL, made a report on the title "University Teaching Scholarship: Historical Evolution, Principles and Practice, Challenges and Lessons Learned", introducing the concept and history of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). He summarized the SoTL principles and practical experience formed by many teachers and institutions involved in this work in the past 30 years; discussed the possible challenges and prospects of China's promotion of SoTL.

  Zhao Juming, professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and consultant of BIT Teaching Promotion and Teacher Development Research Center, made a report on "Several Discussions on University Teaching and Learning". He believes that University Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is a social movement, and clarifying its concept, nature, goals, methods and approaches is essential to the healthy development of SoTL; He discusses the concept and nature of SoTL, and also the diversity, the concept of a big tent and so on; He believes that establishing and developing a diverse teaching and academic community is an effective way to promote the healthy development of Chinese teaching and learning.

  This conference is a high-level and international event in the academic field of teaching and learning. It attracted 919 formal guests from home and abroad to gather at the "Tencent Conference" in the cloud. More than 74,470 people from all over the world passed BIT Yanhe Classroom and School Online live broadcast platform watched the conference. The 3-day conference will hold 9 seminars, 11 sub-forums, 19 poster presentations, 52 paper exchanges; cutting-edge themes, rich content, high-end exchanges, meticulous organization, plus high difficulty, Multi-party collaborative technical support won high praise from participants.

  The 2020 SoTL-China International Conference has played an active role in further promoting the research and practice of teaching and learning, promoting the reform of education and teaching mode and the improvement of the quality of talent training, and helping the construction and development of world-class universities. It will have a good social impact.

​News Source: School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Translator: News Agency of BIT, Han Yu