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Beijing university of technology school of mechanical and vehicle is the domestic well-known school of mechanical engineering, comprehensive strength in the domestic counterparts forefront of colleges and universities, some reached the international advanced level, the research direction for national economy and national defense industry in China since the building of the school has trained large quantities of outstanding talents. Institute supposes of vehicle engineering, thermal energy and power engineering, manufacturing engineering, traffic engineering, mechanical and electrical science department, engineering training center, the discipline foundation experiment center, college office etc. School of existing staff 322 people, including 60 professors, associate professor and subtropical high title personnel 123 people, college students about 3235 people.


College level 1 discipline of mechanical engineering, power machinery and engineering secondary etc. 2 national key disciplines; Vehicle engineering, power machinery and engineering, mechanical manufacturing and automation, precision and micro-nano manufacturing, and other four defense characteristic disciplines, including mechanical manufacturing and automation is the key subject; Have opto-mechatronics micro-nano manufacturing a cross of Beijing. With armored vehicle engineering (the original ground weapon mechanical engineering), vehicle engineering, mechanical engineering (mechanical engineering and automation) and so on three national characteristics of the undergraduate, armored vehicle engineering (the original ground weapon motor engineering) a key undergraduate course major defense, shortage of 1 each defense industrial engineering undergraduate majors. Institute supposes four post-doctoral mobile stations, 10 doctoral degree, master's degree program is 18, seven undergraduate programs, four professional degree (master of engineering) awarded areas, a higher vocational specialty. Colleges bear the national "973", the national natural science fund, the national "863", and the key technology research for national defense, national defense advance research and applied research, national defense military model development and scientific and technological Olympic projects, such as annual school funding more than 200 million yuan, with the domestic each big automobile enterprises and foreign some famous auto company has established a wide range of personnel training and scientific research cooperation. In recent years the college has won eight national science and technology prizes, including two national scientific and technological progress first prize, 4 items of national scientific and technological progress second prize, 2 second prize of national technological invention. College laboratory area of about 40000 square meters, equipment, total assets of about 450 million yuan, has a tank driving defense key laboratory of science and technology (national key laboratory), national engineering laboratory of electric vehicle, automobile power performance and emission and national laboratory testing, engineering training center (national experimental teaching demonstration center) and ground experiment teaching center of mobile equipment (national experimental teaching demonstration center), mechanical drawing national foundation course teaching base, traffic and vehicle experiment teaching center (Beijing experimental teaching demonstration center), clean vehicles in Beijing laboratory, advanced processing technology, military defense key laboratory vehicle powertrain technology laboratory, etc.


College in the whole vehicle, vehicle transmission, vehicle electronics, vehicle suspension, new concept vehicles, vehicle structure strength and vibration noise, high power diesel engine general technology, the engine combustion and emissions, engine, advanced processing, micro small manufacturing, digital manufacturing, industrial engineering, laser micro-nano fabrication, test and control, mechanical and electrical systems and equipment, transportation planning and control on the direction to reach the domestic leading level, in the direction of vehicle transmission and new concept vehicle has reached the international advanced level.


School of mechanical and vehicle will be closely around the goal of building a world-class university of science and technology school construction, work steadfast, conscientious built courtyard, built for the college take the lead in "domestic first-class, internationally renowned" of high level research institute and continuous efforts.

Release date:2015-05-04